SAT lesson 11

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  1. abet
    to encourage or to assist (usually an offense against justice or the law)
  2. agile
    characterized by ability to move quickly with suppleness and grace
  3. antidote
    something that relieves the effects of poison
  4. ascertain
    to find out definitely; to determine
  5. benevolence
    kindness, generousity, charity
  6. desolate
    deserted, without inhabitants, barren
  7. din
    loud and discordant noises, cacophony
  8. dissuade
    to advise agaist, to take out of
  9. distend
    to expand, to swell
  10. enervation
  11. eulogy
    praise or tribute
  12. fitful
  13. indelible
    cannot be removed, washed away or erased
  14. inert
    unable to move or to act, sluggish
  15. malevolence
    ill will or evil intentions
  16. obiliterate
    to remove all traces of; to do away with; to destroy completely' to cancel
  17. ornate
    excessively decorated
  18. pancity
    scarcity,fewness of nunber,dearth
  19. piety
    devotion and reverence to God
  20. precarious
    dangerous, risky, not a secure situation
  21. prosaic
    commonplace, uninspired, banal
  22. quiescent
    inactive, dormant
  23. scintillating
    sparkling, shining, or flashing
  24. squalid
    filthy in appearance, sordid
  25. vexation
    discomfort or distress
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