SAT lesson 12

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  1. abridge
    to shorten, to diminish
  2. alacrity
    prompt and cheerful response
  3. antipathy
    a dislike, distaste, or enmity
  4. augment
    to make greater or to supplement
  5. bombastic
    using inflated language, pompous
  6. decry
    to speak against, to rail against, to disparage
  7. ecletic
    coming from a variety of diverse sources
  8. enhance
    to make better, to improve
  9. euphonious
    pleasant or agreeable (sound); dulcet
  10. fervid
    ardent, burning, impassioned
  11. impecunious
    without money
  12. ingratiate
    to make an effort to gain good favor with someone
  13. luxuriant
    abundant in growth, very fertile
  14. paltry
    trifling; petty; worthless
  15. pedantry
    act of showing off learnign in a manner that is needless and unimaginative
  16. placid
    peaceful, calm
  17. prclude
    to make impossible
  18. promontory
    land or rock projecting into a body of water
  19. raze
    to completely destroy
  20. secular
    nonreligious, worldly
  21. static (adj.)
    having no motion, showing little change
  22. tact
    a keen sense for what is appropriate of tasteful in delicate situations
  23. torpid
    sluggish, inactive, dull
  24. vindicated
    cleared of accusations or charges
  25. vindictive
    revengeful, spiteful
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