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  1. Lacking in Malaria
    Duffy Antigens
  2. Operation Exporter was an attempt by France to take back…
    • Syria
    • Lebanon
  3. Private who released crap to Wikileaks
    Bradley Manning
  4. Carried out the Jeju Massacre
    Syngman Rhee
  5. Three Feudatories Rebellion was against this dynasty
    Qing Dynasty
  6. System under which the Qing Dynasty was organized
    Eight Banner System
  7. Li Zicheng led a rebellion against this dynasty
    Qing Dynasty
  8. Major rival of Toussaint L'Ouverture
    Charles Leclerc
  9. Sect that believes that Mahdi is the twelfth imam
  10. Worked on reproductive organs in eels
    Sigmund Freud
  11. Father of Otto the Great
    Henry the Fowler
  12. Brother of Otto the Great
    Henry of Bavaria
  13. Won the Battle of Recknitz
    Otto the Great
  14. Empire defeated by Sundiata
    Sasso Empire
  15. King of Cambodia that comes up
  16. Russian general at the Battle of Borodino
    Michael Kutuzov
  17. Jewish holiday where people stay up all night studying
  18. This man's horse was Kanthaka
  19. Distinguished between intellectual thought and sensible receptivity
    Immanuel Kant
  20. Implicated in the Fur Coat Affair
    Harry S. Truman
  21. What is the derivative of the total cost function?
    Marginal Cost
  22. Empire whose emperor was Taizong
    Tang Dynasty
  23. Empire whose emperor was Xuanzong
    Tang Dynasty
  24. Empire founded by Li Shimin
    Tang Dynasty
  25. Some Thoughts Concerning Education
    John Locke
  26. Decided according to the Slaughterhouse Cases
    Dred Scott v. Sanford
  27. Decided with Rachel v. Walker
    Dred Scott v. Sanford
  28. Decided with Somerset v. Stewart
    Dred Scott v. Sanford
  29. Gave the Plan of Tuxtepec
    Porfirio Diaz
  30. Revolts during Porfirio Diaz's term
    Ten Tragic Days
  31. Won the Battle of Tecoac
    Porfirio Diaz
  32. Porfirio Diaz's inner circle
  33. Gave the Ashura speech
  34. Was the first Knight of the Garter
    Edward the Black Prince
  35. Saved the throne of Pedro the Cruel
    Edward the Black Prince
  36. Won the Battle of Najera
    Edward the Black prince
  37. Christian ethnic group in Nigeria
  38. Confession of faith that Muslims say 5 times a dagga
  39. Decisive Swedish victory in 1631
    First Breitenfeld
  40. Methods of Ethnology
    Franz Boas
  41. Helped to end the Infamous Decade
    Juan Peron
  42. Father of Husayn
  43. Served as the first Caliph
    Abu Bakr
  44. Curve that plots revenues against taxes
    Laffer Curve
  45. Curve used to explain opportunity cost in trade-offs
    PPF or PPC
  46. Economist with a namesake vice
    David Ricard
  47. Beat William Marcy for the Governorship of New York
    William Seward
  48. Led the Conscience Whigs
    William Seward
  49. Capital of the Heian Period
  50. Family that ruled the Heian period
  51. Began with the Hogen Rebellion
    Heian Period
  52. Islands between Luzon and Mindinao are called
    Visayan Islands
  53. Was injured at the Battle of South Mountain
    Rutherford Hayes
  54. Island in the Tierra del Fuego near the Drake Passage
  55. "Transference of Ills" is in this book
    Golden Bough
  56. Contains Cradle Mtn
  57. Had an affair with Maria Reynolds
    Alexander Hamilton
  58. Famously challenged the Design Argument
    David Hume
  59. Policies instituted by Charles V
    New Laws
  60. Led the Blue Shirts
    Chiang Kai-shek
  61. Rival of Wang Jingwei
    Chiang Kai-shek
  62. Won the Battle of Chacabuco
    San Martin
  63. Party in Minnesota that sponsored Al Franken
    Farmer-Labor Party
  64. Said that birth order determined personality
    Alfred Adler
  65. Big island south of Hong Kong
    Landau Island
  66. Holiest site in Hinduism
  67. Treaty that partitioned the Ottoman Empire
    Treaty of Sevres
  68. More obscure type of externality
    Positional Externality
  69. Led by the Lords Seventeen
    East India Company
  70. Gunung Mulu National Park is in…
  71. (Book) Talks about Mechanical Solidarity and Organic Solidarity
    Division of Labor in Society
  72. First head of the KKK
    Nathan Bedford Forrest
  73. Grant-era acts meant to suppress the KKK
    Force Acts
  74. The tantras are the source for this sect of Mahayana
    Esoteric Buddhism
  75. General in the Iran-Contra Affair
    John Poindexter
  76. Said that the mind can gain negative knowledge via perception
    Bertie Russell
  77. Boyd v. US was cited in this case
    Mapp v. Ohio
  78. Book that contains separating yarrow stalks or flipping three coins
    I Ching
  79. Commentary of this is called the Ten Wings
    I Ching
  80. Tried to overthrow William Longchamp
    John I
  81. Founded Dawn
  82. Declared a Day of Deliverance
  83. Led the Socialist Party during WWII
    Norman Thomas
  84. Capital of Puntland
  85. Said that Western philosophy should be subject to Destruktion
  86. Rejected the interpretation of Aristotle's categories of subjects
  87. Main port of Lithuania
  88. Longest river in Lithuania
  89. Empire defeated at Qadisiyyah
    Sassanid Empire
  90. One ruler of this empire used Valerian as a footstool
    Sassanid Empire
  91. Region of Saudi Arabia along the Red Sea
  92. Horatio Gates was routed in this hour-long battle
    Battle of Camden
  93. Harpagus was a defector from this empire
    Median Empire
  94. Isthmus on the Malay Peninsula
    Isthmus of Kra
  95. Knickerbocker Trust Company fell during this economic crisis
    Panic of 1907
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