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  1. anorexia
    lack of apetite
  2. ascites
    abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
  3. borborygmus (mi)
    rumbling or gurgling noise produced by the movement of gas, fluid, or both in the gastrointestinal tract
  4. constipation
    difficulty in passing stools
  5. diarrhea
    frequent passage of loose, watery stools
  6. dysphagia
    difficulty swallowing
  7. eructation
    gas expelled from the stomach through the mouth
  8. flatus
    gas expelled through the anus
  9. hematochezia
    passage of fresh, bright red blood from the rectum
  10. jaundice (icterus)
    yellow-orange coloration of the skin and whites of the eyes caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood
  11. melena
    black, tarry stools; feces containing digested blood
  12. nausea
    unpleasant sensation in the stomach associated with a tendency to vomit
  13. steatorrhea
    fat in the feces; frothy, foul-smelling fecal matter
  14. aphthous stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth with small, painful ulcers
  15. dental caries
    tooth decay
  16. herpetic stomatitis
    inflammation of the mouth caused by inection with the herpesvirus
  17. oral leukoplakia
    white plaques or patches on the mucosa of the mouth
  18. periodontal disease
    inflammation and degeneration of gums, teeth, and surrounding bone
  19. achalasia
    failure of the lower esophagus sphincter (LES) muscle to relax
  20. esophageal cancer
    malignant tumor of the esophagus
  21. esophageal varices
    swollen, varicose veins at the lower end of the esophagus
  22. gastric cancer
    malignant tumor of the stomach
  23. gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
    solids and fluids return to the mouth from the stomach
  24. hernia
    protrusion of an organ or part through the muscle normally containing it
  25. peptic ulcer
    open sore in the lining of the stomach or duodenum
  26. anal fistula
    abnormal tube-like passageway near the anus
  27. colonic polyps
    polyps (benign growths) protrude from the mucous membrane of the colon
  28. colorectal cancer
    adenocarcinoma of the colon or rectum, or both
  29. Crohn's disease
    chronic inflammation of the intestinal tract
  30. diverticulosis
    abnormal outpouchings in the intestinal wall
  31. dysentery
    painful, inflamed intestines commonly caused by bacterial infection
  32. hemorrhoids
    swollen, twisted, varicose veins in the rectal region
  33. ileus
    loss of peristalsis with resulting obstruction of the intestines
  34. intussusception
    telescoping of the intestines
  35. irritable bowel syndrome
    group of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with stress and tension
  36. ulcerative colitis
    chronic inflammation of the colon with presence of ulcers
  37. volvulus
    twisting of the intestine on itself
  38. cholelitheiasis
    gallstones in the gallbladder
  39. cirrhosis
    chronic degenerative disease of the liver
  40. pancreatic cancer
    malignant tumor of the pancreas
  41. pancreatitis
    inflammation of the pancreas
  42. viral hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver caused by a virus
  43. alk phos
    alkaline phosphatase
  44. ALT, AST
    alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase - enzymes measured to evaluate liver function
  45. BE
    barium enema
  46. BM
    bowel movement
  47. BRBPR
    bright red blood per rectum - hematochezia
  48. CT
    computed tomography
  49. EGD
  50. ERCP
    endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
  51. EUS
    endoscopic ultrasonography
  52. FOBT
    fecal occult blood test
  53. G tube
    gastrostomy tube; used to introduce nutrients into the stomach after insertion through the abdominal wall
  54. GB
  55. GERD
    gastroesophageal reflux disease
  56. GI
  57. HBV
    hepatitis B virus
  58. IBD
    inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis)
  59. LAC
    laparoscopic-assisted colectomy
  60. LFTs
    liver function tests - alk phase, bilirubin, AST
  61. MRI
    magnetic resonance imagining
  62. NG tube
    nasogastric tube
  63. NPO
    nothing by mouth (nil per os)
  64. PEG tube
    percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube - feeding tube
  65. PEJ tube
    percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy tube - feeding tube
  66. PTHC
    percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography
  67. PUD
    peptic ulcer disease
  68. TPN
    total parenteral nutrition
  69. T tube
    tube placed in the bile duct for drainage into a small pouch on the outside of the body
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