SAT lesson 18

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  1. accord
    agreement, state of harmony
  2. annulment
    a voiding, invalidation
  3. arduous
    very difficult to accomplish or to achieve, very demanding (task)
  4. astute
    shrewd, perspicacious, perceptive
  5. carping
    finding fault
  6. covert
    secret, concealed
  7. desecrate
    to violate the sanctity of something, to profane, to adulterate
  8. dilatory
    delaying, slow
  9. esteem
    estimate of value; approval and respect often blended with fondness
  10. expatriate
    an exile
  11. fortuitous
    something that happens by accident or chance (usually good)
  12. guileless
    without deceit
  13. hackneyed
    trite, banal, lacking freshness
  14. illustrious
    notable outstanding, famous
  15. insatiable
    incapable of being satisfied
  16. loquacious
    very talkative
  17. neurotic
    an emotionally unstable person; emotionally unstable
  18. parch
    to become dry from heat, to shrivel from heat
  19. porous
    something that permits the passage of substances through pores
  20. rancid
    haivng a foul or offensive smell or taste
  21. reconcile
    to reestablish friendship, to resolve a dispute
  22. saccharine
    overly sweet attitude
  23. sonorous
    resonant, producing a full and rich sound
  24. tentative
    not fully worked out, provisional, uncertain
  25. utility
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