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  1. State what government agency controls the sale of alcohol in California
    CA department of ABC – alcoholic beverage control
  2. Define the term Control State
    The state is a wholesaler and retailer
  3. Define the term Blue Laws
    Any laws designed to regulate consumption on the Sabbath
  4. State any 2 restrictions under California Tied House Laws
    Max 30 day billing, No performance-based incentives, Retailers only buy from wholesalers, negotiating (yet it’s done all the time).
  5. State any 2 restrictions under California Dram Shop Laws
    Illegal to serve minors, serve after 2am, serve intoxicated persons
  6. State a training program that may reduce your liquor liability
    LEAD or Tips certification
  7. Define on-sale and off-sale licenses
    • Onsale = can drink on premise
    • Offsale = Cannot drink on premises
  8. Define the term Personal Guarantee
    You agree to personally pay debts if the business folds
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