Axial Muscles

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  1. The dome-shaped ______________ is the most
    important muscle that is responsible for breathing.

  2. What are the muscles assist in breathing
    • Diaphragm
    • internal intercostal muscles
    • external intercostal muscles
  3. Which of the following act(s) to increase the size of the thoracic cavity during
    • Diaphragm
    • External intercostal muscles
  4. The ________ is the
    largest muscle mass of the back, forming a prominent bulge on either side of the
    vertebral column.
    erector spinae
  5. where is the Iliacus muscle?
    attaches at the iliac crest
  6. Where is the semispinalis capitis?
    • Top of neck..
    • articular processes of C4-C6 and transverse process of C7-T7
    • insertion: Octipital bones between superior and inferior nuchal lines
    • extend head and verebral clumn, rotates head to side oppoiste contracting muscle
  7. where is the longissimus capitis
    • top side of neck down posteriorly
    • articular process of T1-T4
    • insersion: Mastoid process of temporal bone
    • extends head and verebral column, laterally flex and rotates head to same side as contracting muscle
  8. Where is the splenius capitis?
    • over the semispinalis capitis
    • origin: ligamentum nuchae & spinous processes of C7-T4
    • insertion: occipital bone and masoid process of temperoral bone
    • extend head, rotates head to oposite side of contracting muscle
  9. where is the Spinalis Thoracis
    • part of spinalis group - medial
    • origin: spinous processes of T10-L2
    • insertion: Spinous processes of superior thorasic vertebrae
    • acts together extend vertebral column
  10. Where is the longissimus cervicis
    • origin: transverse processes of T4-T5
    • insertion: transverse processes of C2-C6
    • wtih the longissimus cervices and both logissimus thoracis muscles extend vertebral column of their repsective region.. singly laterally flex verebral column of their respective regions

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Axial Muscles
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Axial muscles
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