Amex: Chapter 14

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  1. conference whihc outlined plans for post WWII world- feb 1945
  2. The big three leaders leaders were (name and country)
    • FDR- USA
    • stalin-soviet union
    • churchill- england
  3. T or F? Due to the cost of Germany's failure during WW2, Soviets recognized Germany was no longer a threat.
  4. 4/12/45 who became president?
  5. April 1945- 50 countries meet to draft charter for this organization
    United Nations
  6. division of Germany and Berlin was decided at this meeting in july 1945
  7. economic plan that called for aid to western european nations recovering from WW2
    Marshall Plan
  8. The Truman Doctrine requests aid for which two countries?
    Greece and Turkey
  9. T or F? the US wanted a strong Germany to promote western European recovery and contain communism.
  10. Western section of this city was blockaded by Soviets and all inabitants became hostages.
  11. The US did what for the Berlin inhabitants/ German hostages?
    sent in supply planes
  12. In april 1949, US, Canada and 10 other nations formed this to help with military/economic support.
  13. The soviet response to NATO
    Warsaw Pact
  14. Leader of CHina in 1949
    Mao Zedong
  15. report that called for $39 billon budget to fight Soviet expansion
    National Security Council Report NSC-68
  16. Pres during first years of Korean war
  17. keeping the fight confined to one area and avioding nuclear weapons
    limited war
  18. general relieved of command by US president during korean war
    general MacArthur
  19. Th country that aided North Korea was
    The soviet union
  20. summer of 1949- atomic explosion detonated here
    Soviet Union
  21. 1952- a hydrogen bomb was detonated here
    south pacific
  22. 1952- elected president
  23. instant nuclear attack "by means at at places of our choosing"
    massive retaliation
  24. the art of never backing down in a crisis
  25. Eisenhower's secretay of state
    John Dulles
  26. T or F? Eisenhower recognized need for nuclear disarment.
  27. this country tested first long range missile with nuclear war head in 1957
    Soviet Union
  28. this country launched Sputnik, a satellite into orbit in 1957
    Soviet UNion
  29. The vast interwoven military establishment and arms industry
    military-industrial threat
  30. What happened when the US and US forces marched throughNorth Korea to the Yalu River?
    North Korea retreated
  31. Berlin was significant during the cold war because...
    it was an oasis of non-commnuism in a communist area
  32. BY isolating Wast Berlin in 1948, Stalin hoped to...
    force the Aliies into giving up their plans for Germany
  33. Won the presidency after, and partly due to, a cross country tour.
  34. Who fired MacArthur?
  35. Secretary of State under Truman
    George Marshall
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