Science Final

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  1. Density?
    M / V = D
  2. What factors change density?
    • Pressure ++ or --
    • Temp +- or -+
  3. Hypothesis?
    An educated guess
  4. Therory?
    An explanation based on evidence
  5. Law?
    A description
  6. Isotope?
    An atom with uneven amounts of protons and neutrons
  7. Ion?
    An atom with uneven amounts of protons and electrons
  8. Electromagnetic Spectrum?
    • Radio
    • Microwave
    • Infrared
    • Visible Light
    • UV
    • X-ray
    • Gamma Ray
  9. Formation of the Solar System
    • 1. nebula collapsed
    • a near by star explodes
    • two nebulas collide
    • 2. the nebula flatens, spinns, and gets hoter
    • 3. the gas and dust inside collide, makeing planetesimals
    • 4. the planetesimals collide to make planets
    • 5. the sun is formed by nuclear fusion
  10. How are distances in pace measured?
    • Light Year - the distance it light goes in a year
    • Astronomical Unit (AU) - the distance between the Earth and the sun
  11. Parallax?
    A change in position
  12. Nuclear Fusion?
    When two hydrogen nuclei combine to form a helium and energy
  13. Law of Universal Gravitation
    • Every thing has gravity, G=M*D
    • Mass up, gravity up
    • Distance up, Gravity down
  14. Planetary Motion
    • 1. Planets travel in an ellipticle orbits (__)
    • 2. A planet moves faster when it is closer to the sun
    • 3. A planet that is closer to the sun moves faster than a planet farther way
  15. Perihelion and Aphelion
    • Close to the sun
    • Far from the sun
  16. Formation of the Earth?
    • 1. a lumpy planetesimal is formed
    • 2. it gravity makes it a perfect spere
    • 3. it became cooler
    • 4.
  17. Formation of the Moon?
    • 1. mars sized object hit Earth
    • 2. debris ejected
    • 3. gravity pulled it into a ball and into orbit

    Evidence- scientists foung thr same meterials in the moon and the earthe mantle
  18. Solar Eclipse?
    Image Upload 1
  19. Lunar Eclipse?
    Image Upload 2
  20. Waxing and Waning?
    • Getting bigger moon on right
    • Getting smaller moon on left
  21. Types of Tides?
    • Neap tides- Small diference in high and low tides, during quarters
    • Spring tides- Great diference in high and low tides, during full and new moons

    Reason- the moons gravitational pull
  22. Perigee and Apogee?
    • Moon is closest to earth
    • Moon is farthest from earth
  23. Seasons?
    Reason- the tilt of the earth (23.5)
  24. Season Dates?
    • North gets most sun on the Summer Solstice (June 21)
    • North gets least sun on the Winter Solstice (Dec 21)
    • After winter when the South and North get the same sun it is the Vernal Equinox (Mar 21)
    • After summer when the South and North get the same sun it is the Autumn Equinox (Set 21)
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