Geriatric Nutrition-Drug Interactions

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  1. Tetracycline and fluoroquinolones
    decreased absorption with dietary cations
  2. Macrolide and didanosine
    decreased absorption with meals
  3. Griseofulvin
    Increased absorption with meals
  4. Alcohol and metronidazole or cephalosporin
    disulfiram-like reaction
  5. Digoxin concentration
    decreased by food/fiber
  6. Felodipine concentration
    increased with flavinoids
  7. ACE-Is
    Hyperkalemia or changes in taste
  8. HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors
    Decreased absorption with foods high in soluble fiber
  9. Bile acid sequestrants
    Decrease fat soluble vitamin absorption
  10. Wafarin
    counteracted by Vit K
  11. Phenytoin
    Therapeutic level decreased by enteral administration, applesauce increases it
  12. Decrease in women's folic acid
    Valproic acid, carbamezapine, phenobarbital, primidone
  13. Serum phenytoin level
    Decreased by folic acid administration
  14. Metabolism of Vit D
    Altered by phenytoin or phenobarbital
  15. Levodopa and protein
    Dietary protein delays absorption of levodopa
  16. MAO inhibitors
    HTN crisis can develop if pt eats tyramine
  17. Lithium and Na
    Lithium excretion is ubcreased and decreased by high and low Na diets
  18. Appetite and SSRI
    Temporary appetite suppression with initiation of SSRIs may develop
  19. Laxatives and electrolytes
    laxatives decrease electrolyte absorption
  20. Laxatives and milk
    Laxatives will dissolve in stomach rather than SI causing gastritis
  21. Mineral oil and fats
    Mineral oil decreases fat soluble vitamin absorption
  22. Antacids and phosphates
    Aluminum containing antacids decrease phosphate absorption
  23. Proteins/carbs and theophylline
    Proteins and carbs alter the hepatic clearance of theophylline
  24. Food plus theophylline
    Food may induce dose dumping of theophylline
  25. Caffeine plus theophylline
    caffeine increases serum theophylline concentration
  26. Antineoplastics and appetite
    Antineoplastics tend to cause appetite suppression leading to weight loss
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