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  1. OODA Loop
    Observe, Orient, Decide, Act - concept applied to combat operations processes. Boyd's work sought to maximize speed of the loop. In War, Agility favored over power.
  2. How to optimize OODA loop?
    • 1. Enhance Intrinsic Ability - think, orient, move faster
    • 2. Mitigate Stress - sight, hearing, concentration improvement
  3. Define HPO.
    The process of applied knowledge, skills and emerging technologies to improve and preserve the capabilities of DoD personnel to execute essential tasks.
  4. Three components of HPO.
    • Socioemotional - aggression, committment, morale, anxiety, motivation
    • Physical - strength, agility, endurance
    • Cognitive - mental acuity, intelligence, memory and resilience.
  5. Define resilience.
    the resouces to withstand, recover and/or grow in the face of stressors and changing demands
  6. Three types of HPO.
    • Enhancement: pre-deployment use of performance tech to improve performance above baseline
    • Sustainment: deployment - keeping the performance at baseline beyond the point which it would normally not be possible
    • Restoration: post deployment, returning an operators degraded performance back to baseline
  7. Steps of HPO.
    • 1. analyze OODA loop - what are we asking them to do?
    • 2. analyze intrinsic abilities
    • 3. analyze extrinsic factors - stressors.
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