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  1. Tidal volume
    the amount of air inhaled or exhaled during each resting ventilation cycle
  2. IRV
    maximum amount of air that can be inspired above tidal volume.
  3. ERV
    maximum amount of air that can be exhaled below tidal volume.
  4. Forced Vital Capacity - FVC
    the maximum amount of air that can be exhaled after a maximal inhalation.
  5. Inspiratory Capacity, IC
    maximum amount of gas that can be inspired from resting expiratory level.
  6. Functional Reserve Capacity
    volume of gas remaining in the lungs at end of a normal expiration.
  7. Forced Expiratory Volume
    percentage of total vital capacity exhaled in the first (FEV1) second (FEV2) and third (FEV3) second. This measures the ability to ventilate the lungs in a given amount of time and is of diagnostic value
  8. Minute Ventilation
    total amount of air moved over a period of one minute; it is calculated as the product of tidal volume and number of breaths in one minute
  9. Residual Volume
    volume of air remaining in the lungs after a forced expiration; it cannot be measured with a Spirometry. This will be estimated from the equation below
  10. Total Lung Capacity, TLC
    maximum amount of air in the lung at the end of a maximal inspiration (to be estimated).
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