Biology Chapter 3

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  1. Do all organic molecules contain carbon?
  2. Name 2 of carbons unique properties.
    It can combine with other carbon atoms and form long chains & ring structures.
  3. How many covalent bonds does carbon make & why?
    4 covalent bonds; it has four electrons on the outermost level and it wants to have eight.
  4. What is an isomer?
    Isomers are molecules that have the same number and composition of atoms but have different arrangements.
  5. Name 4 of the most important organic compounds.
    • Carbohydrates
    • Proteins
    • Nucleic Acid
    • Lipids
  6. What are polymers?
    Polymers are combinations of smaller building blocks made by dehydration synthesis.
  7. Name 2 functions of carbohydrates.
    Primary energy source and structural support.
  8. What are proteins made of?
    Amino Acids
  9. What type of reactions join amino acids together?
    Dehrydration Synthesis
  10. Name 2 forms of protein secondary structure.
    Alpha Helix & Beta Sheet
  11. Name each level of protein structure.
    Primary; Secondary; Tertiary; Quaternary
  12. Explain the Primary Structure
    Primary- its sequence depends on the information in DNA. Looks like a straight line.
  13. Explain the Secondary Structure
    Secondary- Twisted and folded into a helix, called a alpha helix. Some fold back on itself in a beta pleated sheet.
  14. Explain the Tertiary Structure
    Tertiary- Alpha helix and Beta sheets interact to form a large globular blob. It's shape's structure determines its function
  15. Explain the Quaternary Structure
    Quaternary- Some proteins contain multiple ploypeptide chains (Alpha helix or Beta pleats). Each has its own unique tertiary structure.
  16. What is the purpose of Structural Proteins? Regulatory Proteins? Carrier Proteins?
    • Structural- Maintains the shape of cells and organisms
    • Regulatory-Says what an activities will occur in a protein
    • Carrier- Transport molecules from place to place.
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