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  1. Sociology
    The scientific study of social structure (human social behavior)
  2. Prejudice
    Widely held neg attitudes towards a group (minority or majority) and its individual members
  3. Ageism
    Prejudice and discrimination against elderly people
  4. Sexism
    A set of beliefs, attitudes, norms, and values used to justify sexual inequality
  5. Race
    People sharing certain inherited physical characteristics that are considered important within a society
  6. Informal sanctions
    Sanctions that are less structured (gossip)
  7. Social structure
    The pattern interaction of people in social relationships
  8. Extended family
    Two or more parents and children generations of the same family whose members share economic resources and a common household
  9. Subculture
    A group that is part of the dominant culture but that differs from it in some important respects
  10. Monogamy
    Marriage with only one person at a time
  11. Marriage
    The legal union based on mutural rights and obligation
  12. Hate crime
    A criminal act motivated by prejudice. Hate crimes involve bias related to race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry
  13. De jure segregation
    Denial of equal access based on the law
  14. Language
    An abstract system of word meanings and symbols. It includes speech, written characters, numberals, non verbal gestures and expressions
  15. Stereotype
    A distorted, exaggerated, or oversimplified image applied to a category of people (all Asians are smart)
  16. Racism
    An extreme form of prejudice that assumes superiority of one group over others
  17. Sanctions
    Other people’s responses to a person’s behavior (rewards, punishment)
  18. Sociological imagination
    The type of insight offered by the discipline of sociology
  19. Exogamy
    The practice of marrying outside of one’s group
  20. Cultural pluralism
    Desire of a group to maintain some sense of identity separate from the dominant group
  21. Homogamy
    The tendency to marry someone similar to oneself
  22. Culture
    Consists of the knowledge, language, values, customs, and physical objects that are shared by members of a society
  23. Ethnocentrism
    Judging in terms of one’s own cultural standards
  24. Self fulfilling prophecy
    An expectation that leads to behavior that causes the expectation to become reality
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