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  1. Physiological Effects of high altitude?
    • -lightheadedness, headache (6 up)
    • -insomnia, pulmonary distress, vomiting (11 up)
    • -breathing difficulty, anorexia, GI problems (13 up)
    • -lethargy, general weakness (19 up) (18 is highest habitation)
    • -impending collapse (25 up)

    @15k Ft, 75% sat
  2. How does body adapt to high altitude in the short term?
    • Short Term:
    • -hyperventilation
    • -respiratory alkalosis
    • -increased urinary output (secrete bicarb)
    • -increased cardiac output
    • -pulmonary hypertension (blood is being shunted away from hypoxic areas...pulmonary vessels constrict)
  3. How does the body adapt to high altitude in the long term?
    • (weeks to months, really 6 months)
    • -increased EPO, increased hematocrit (RBCs)
    • -increased 2,3 BPG
    • -increased myoglobin
    • -pulmonary hypertension, RV hypertrophy (some)
    • -increased mitochondria
    • -increase capillaries in skeletal muscle
  4. Acute Mountain Sickness?
    • -headache, nausea, lethargy/apathy, coordination, confusion...see it around 8000 feet
    • -Lake Louise Score helps diagnose severity of Acute Mountain Sickness, 3-5 is mild
  5. Treatment of AMS?
    • -acclimate (3-4 days)
    • -drugs to speed up the process - diuretics to speed up bicarb excretion - Diamox**
    • -steroids (for severe AMS)
    • -supplemental 02
    • -pain meds
  6. HAPE?
    • High altitude pulmonary edema...arise from the pulmonary hypertension
    • -short of breath at rest, wheezing, crackles**
    • treatment: descend*, Ca-channel blockers, steroids, vasodialators (viagra) to prevent the hypertension, supplemental O2
  7. HACE?
    • High altitude cebrebral edema
    • -confusion ataxia, coordination impairment
    • treatment: descend!, dex a Ca-channlel blocker, supplemental O2, gamow bag
  8. What are the operational considerations to high altitiude missions?
    • -performance
    • -sleep (train high, sleep low)
    • -cold weather gear
    • -hydration
    • -physical fitness
    • -turn around times
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