4 legal and ethical

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  1. decisions about conduct that guide the interactions of people
  2. two types of law
    public law and civil law
  3. law that deals with the individuals relationship to the state
    public law
  4. law that deals with the relationships among individuals. addresses crimes against a person in matters such as contracts and torts
    civil law
  5. 4 sources of public law
    • -constitutional law
    • -statutory law
    • -administrative law
    • -criminal law
  6. 3 sources of civil law
    • -contract
    • -tort
    • -protective/reporting law
  7. law set forth in the US that defines and limits powers of government
    constitutional law
  8. law enacted by legislative bodies such as state board and professional practice acts and the nursing practice act
    statutory law
  9. also known as the regulatory law that has appointed adminitrative govenment agencies to make rules and regulations
    administrative law
  10. most common of the public law, addresses acts or ofenses against the safety or welfare of the public
    criminal law
  11. the enforcement of agreement among private individuals
    contract law
  12. a civil wrong commited by a person against another person or property
  13. examples of the protective/reporting law
    • american disabilites act
    • good samaritan law
  14. act the prohibits discrimination of employment , oublic services, and accomodations on the basis of disability
  15. nursing practice act falls under which law?
    public and civil law
  16. council that endorsed a model of nursing regulations called the nurse licensure compact
    national council of state boards of nursing (NCSBN)
  17. states those things that a nurse can or cannot do
    nursing practice act
  18. guidelines that were developed to direct nursing care
    standards or practice/standards of care
  19. 5 legal issues in practice
    • -Physicians orders
    • -floating
    • -inadequte staffing
    • -critical care
    • -pediatric care
  20. what may be filed if child abuse or neglect is not reported by a health care provider?
    civil or criminal legal action
  21. what may happen to a nurse who leaves an inadequetly staffed unit?
    client abondonment charge may be filed
  22. examples of intentional torts
    • -assault
    • -battery
    • -defamation
    • -false imprisonment
    • -invasion of privacy
  23. threat or attempt to touch another person
  24. unconsented touching
  25. unwarranted restriction of the freedom of an individual
    false imprisonment
  26. a treatment performed against a clients will is an example of
  27. information disclosed about a client that is considered private or photographs taken without client consent
    invasion of privacy
  28. a statement is made that could either ruin the clients reputation or cause the client to lose her job
  29. failure to use such care as a reasonably prudent person would use under similar circumstances, which leads to harm
  30. failure of a professional to use such care as a reasonably prudent member of the profession would use under circumstances, which leads to harm
  31. examples of unintentional torts
    • -negligence
    • -malpractice
  32. form used for clients in the case a dilemma arises and the client feels the need to abandon treatment
    AMA-Against Medical Advice
  33. when are medications given documented
    after administration
  34. refers to a competent clients ability to make health care decisions based on full disclosure of the benefits, risks, potential consequences of a recommended treatment plan.
    informed consent
  35. who is responsible for obtaining consent for nursing procedures
  36. who is responsible for obtaining consent for medical or surgical procedures
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