chapter 6 terms

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  1. learning
    a systematic, relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs through experience
  2. behaviorism
    a theory of learning that focuses soley on observable behaviors, discounting the importance of such mental activity as thinking, wishing and hoping
  3. associative learning
    learning that occurs when we make a connection, or an association, between two events
  4. observational learning
    learning that occurs when a person observes and imitates another's behavior
  5. classical conditioning
    learning process in which a neutral stimulus becomes associated with a meaningful stimulus and acquires the capacity to elicit a similar response
  6. unconditioned stimulus (UCS)
    a stimulus that produces a response without prior learning
  7. unconditioned response (UCR)
    an unlearned reaction that is automatically elicited by the unconditioned stimulus
  8. conditioned stimulus (CS)
    a previously neutral stimulus that eventually elicits a conditioned response after being paired with the unconditioned stimulus
  9. conditioned response (CR)
    the learned response to the conditioned stimulus that occurs after conditioned stimulus-unconditioned stimulus pairing
  10. acquisition
    the initial learning of the connection between the unconditioned stimulus and the conditioned stimulus when these two stimuli are paired
  11. generalization (in classical conditioning)
    the tendency of a new stimulus that is similar to the original conditioned stimulus to elicit a response that is similar to the conditioned response
  12. discrimination (in classical conditioning)
    the process fo learning to respond to certain stimuli and not others
  13. extinction (classical conditioning)
    the weakening of the conditioned response when the unconditioned stimulus is absent
  14. spontaneous recovery
    the process in classical conditioning by which a conditioned response can recur after a time delay, without further conditioning
  15. renewal
    the recovery of the conditioned response when the organism is placed in a novel context
  16. counterconditioning
    a classical conditioning procedure for changing the relationship between a conditioned stimulus and its conditioned response
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