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  1. Efferent nerve impulses
    Efferent are pathways leading away (ie, motor) from the cortex
  2. Afferent nerve impulses
    refers to pathways leading to the cortex (ie, sensory).
  3. Difference between afferent and efferent
    You are *affected* by a situation, you *effect* change on someone else.
  4. A reflex composed of
    • A receptor
    • an afferent nerve with its nerve center
    • an efferent nerve considered as a pathway of a reflex act
  5. A reflex consists of in the passage of an impluse
    • a refex consists of in the passage of an impulse along a sensory (afferent) neuron
    • to the reflex center
    • where it is converted into a motor impulse
    • and is passed along the motor (efferent) axon
    • to the muscle or gland
  6. Contraction is
    a fusing of many muscle twitches
  7. Contracture is
    • also called tonicity
    • is relatively slow and gentle
    • may be maintained over a long period of time
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