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  1. Motion Sickness
    • -"avalanche affect" - minor symptoms --> vomit
    • -many predisposing factors (women, chinese, young demographically)
    • -prodrome: innattention, drowsiness
    • -early symp: nausea and epigastric discomfort
    • -later symp: yawning, salivation, light-headedness, malaise
  2. Differential Diagnosis
    • if history doesn't add up:
    • -labrynthitis
    • -gastroenteritis
    • -metabolic disorders (diabetes, DKA)
    • -altitude sickness
  3. Treatment of Motion Sickness
    • most effective: scopolamine patch -- antimuscarinic agent/anticholinergic agent
    • other: dramamine

    concerns: "mind eraser" effects at high dose make them date rape drugs
  4. Lesser Treatments of Motion Sickness
    • Phenergan
    • accupressure
    • ginger
    • focus on horizon
    • important: zofran does not work*
  5. Reason behind vomiting in motion sickness
    • Three ways to detect motion: vestibular, visual, proprioception/somatosensory input.
    • -if one of these inputs is off, the body thinks it's hallucinating because of a toxin, and so you throw up
  6. Roles and Responsibilities of Navy Doc
    • common illnesses and injuries
    • occupational/ preventional med
    • acute emergencies
    • telemedicine
    • admin
  7. Illnesses
    • hypertension, high cholesterol
    • derm stuff
    • STDS
    • minor ortho
    • unique illness to your crew
    • fingertip amputations from doors
    • toxic stuff in ships
  8. Operational/Prev med
    • hearing conservation (loud ships)
    • vision
    • vaccinations
    • food/water inspections
    • STD prevention
    • port call safety

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