Phase 2 Local Options

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  1. Local Options
    General Info
  2. What is our phone number?
    (407) 363-3933
  3. What is our fax number?
    (407) 363 3932
  4. What is our address?
    • 9101 International Drive Suite 1220
    • Orlando, 32819
    • Pointe Orlando
  5. Who is our managing member?
    David Jones
  6. Who is our chief operating manager?
  7. Who is our director of operations?
    Juancarlo Parkhurst
  8. Who is our general manager?
    Garrett Senter
  9. Name our managers.
    • Garrett Senter (gm)
    • Amy Dewberry (salesm)
    • Sean Murphey (sm/am)
    • Jimmy Mohamed (chef)
    • When is your schedule request due?
  10. Who writes the schedule?
    Sean Murphey
  11. When do you get paid and when do you pick up your paycheck?
    • Every other Tuesday
    • Pick up 2pm-4pm, after a scheduled shift, and during non peak business hours.
  12. Where do you park?
    Pointe Orlando Parking Garage
  13. How do you answer the phone?
    "Hello, thank you for calling Copper Canyon Grill in Orlando. This is Hayley. How may I assist you?"
  14. Do we take checks?
    • No personal check.
    • Yes traveler's checks.
  15. What credit cards do we accept?
    American Express, Visa, Master Card, Diners, Carte Blanc, and Discover
  16. What are our hours of operations?
    • Sunday-Thursday Noon-10:05pm
    • Friday-Saturday Noon-11:05pm
  17. Do we take reservations?
    • Managers take reservations of 6 or more
    • Call ahead seating available
  18. What are our denominations of gift cards?
    Any denomination $10 and up
  19. What is the guests' attire?
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