Phase 5 The Wait

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  1. The Wait
  2. 1. How long did the greet take in seconds?
  3. 2. Did the greeter say his/her name?
  4. 3. Did the greeter smile?
  5. 4. Did the greeter ask if you had ever been to Copper Canyon?
  6. 5. Did the server tell you about the rtisserie chicken, teamwork, and fresh ingredients?
  7. 6. Upon greet was a featured starter offered?
  8. 7. Did your server tell about the features?
  9. 8. Were starter plates brough before the starter made it to the table?
  10. 9. Did the person that dropped off the starter ask if you needed anything else?
  11. 10. After you ask for water, ask for lemon. Did the server bring out 3-5 lemon wedges on an app plate?
  12. 11. When you ordered your meat, did the server ask how you wanted it prepared?
  13. 12. What wine did the server offer with the selection?
  14. 13. Did the server ask if you wanted a salad?
  15. 14. Did she offer a slice or a skillet?
  16. 15. Did she check back to see if you enjoyed the starter?
  17. 16. Did she check back to see if you enjoyed the salad?
  18. 17. Did the server check back to see if your entree was prepared properly?
  19. 18. Was a dessert offered?
  20. 19. Was coffee or an after dinner drink offered?
  21. 20. Was the check presented in a timely manner? Your change returned in a timely manner?
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