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  1. Except for the sperm and the egg, all cells in the human body have ______ pairs of chromosomes.
    c. 23
  2. Pat’s 23rd chromosome pair contains an X chromosome and a Y chromosome. This indicates that Pat:
    b. is male
  3. Women have a ________ chromosome pairing, and men have a ________ chromosome pairing.
    a. XX; XY
  4. River has a round face, a flattened skull, an extra fold of skin over her eyelids, a protruding tongue, short limbs, and retardation of motor and mental abilities. She is likely to have been born with:
    c. Down Syndrome
  5. This is a prenatal medical procedure where a sample of amniotic fluid is withdrawn by syringe and tested for chromosome or metabolic disorders.
    c. amniocentesis
  6. A group of tissues in which small blood vessels from the mother and offspring intertwine but do not connect is the:
    b. placenta
  7. Many of the most important developments occur within the first ________ weeks after conception, often before the woman knows that she is pregnant.
    b. 8
  8. The earliest point at which a fetus can have a chance to survive outside the womb is at the beginning of:
    c. the third trimester
  9. A teratogen is any agent that can cause:
    b. birth defects
  10. Which of the following disorders is LEAST likely to happen to a mother 16 to 34 years old?
    b. Down Syndrome
  11. Malorie was born in her mother’s 32nd week of
    pregnancy. Malorie would be termed a ________ baby.
    a. preterm
  12. Juan-Carlos was born full term but was underweight for his gestational age. He would be considered:
    d. small for date
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