COUN 506 CH. 3

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  1. Tatsuya would like his daughter to grow up to be intelligent. He can do his part by:
    c. providing a stimulating home environment.
  2. The acronym “SIDS” stands for:
    b. "sudden infant death syndrome"
  3. Of the following infants, who is MOST AT RISK for SIDS?
    a. Aimee; her mother smokes
  4. There has been much controversy on the differential effects of breast-feeding and bottle-feeding. Recent research indicates that:
    a. breast-feeding is better for the baby’s health.
  5. Approximately __________ of mothers in the United States choose to breast-feed their infants.
    d. two-thirds
  6. Built-in reactions to stimuli that are out of an infant’s control are known as:
    b. reflexes
  7. __________ motor skills involve large-muscle activity.
    b. Gross
  8. The receiving of information from the surrounding environment is called:
    a. sensation
  9. The interpreting of sensory information is called:
    c. perception
  10. Jean Piaget believed that children:
    a. actively construct their own cognitive worlds.
  11. Adjusting to new environmental demands is called:
    c. adaptation
  12. Schemes are:
    a. actions or mental representations that organize knowledge.
  13. Two-year-old Anita has learned the word “dog” to identify the family pet Rover. Now Anita says the word “dog” when she sees any animal. Anita has __________ these animals into her existing scheme.
    c. assimilated
  14. People remember very little about what happened in their lives before about age:
    c. 2 years to 3 years old.
  15. Infants begin to communicate at:
    a. birth
  16. Infants begin to say their first words between the ages of __________ and __________ months.
    b. 10; 15
  17. The rapid increase in an infant’s vocabulary starting at about 18 months of age is called:
    c. the vocabulary spurt
  18. Children living in poverty tend to have __________ vocabularies when compared with wealthier children.
    c. smaller overall
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