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  1. when does a rite of passage occur?
    when there is a role change
  2. when is a person considered mentally healthy?
    • when he possesses:
    • -knowledge of self
    • -meets basic needs
    • -assumes responsibility of behavior
    • -learned to integrate thoughts, feelings, actions
    • -resolve conflicts
  3. occurs when an individual is not able to view herself clearly or has a distorted view of self, is unable to maintain satisfying relationships, and unable to adapt to environment
    mental illness
  4. clinically significant behavior or psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individualand is associated with present distress
    mental disorder
  5. negative response to stimuli that are percieved as threatening
  6. impairment in one or more important areas of functioning
  7. what is the purpose of a psychiatric setting?
    • - provide supervision and safety
    • -includes clients w/ a variety of disorders
    • -involves variety of professionals
  8. an individuals loss of recognition of reality
  9. hearing/seeing voices or images or things that others cannot hear or see
  10. feeling despondant, sad, and with no energy and no sense of the future
  11. condition where person has excessive energy, exhibits abnormal excitability, and has an exaggerated sense of well being
  12. what are manic clients at risk for?
  13. what does the mental health staff consist of?
    • 1. psychiatric nurse
    • 2. psychiatric nurse practitioner
    • 3. psychiatrist
    • 4. psychologist
    • 5. psychiatric social worker
    • 6. activity/recreational therapist
    • 7. occupational therapist
    • 8. certified counselor
    • 9. psychiatric technician/aide
    • 10. student nurse
  14. role is to manage the in/out patient nursing care of clients. administer meds, establish outcome, implement plan of care, include client/family teaching
    psychiatric nurse
  15. provides psychotherpy; prescribes psychotropic medications; manages and coordinates client care
    psychiatric nurse/advanced practice/practitioner
  16. manages pT care; admits pT to hospital; prescribes medication; may provide in depth psychotherapy
  17. manages care; provides individual or group therapy; skilled in behavioral assessment adn interventions
  18. provides care that integrates hospital and community services; skilled in individual and group work
    psychiatric social worker
  19. provides recreation and diversional activities
    rec/activity therapist
  20. provides vocational counseling and activitiesdesigned to prepare clients for job related skills
    occupational therapist
  21. provides supervision of clients under the supervision of the RN
    psychiatric tech/aide
  22. provides care to selected and assigned clients
    student nurse
  23. what are the tools of psychiatric nursing?
    listening, watching, and being present
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