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  1. period where mentally ill people were considered of being possessed by demons or that some harmful substance had entered the body
    early civilization
  2. period where mental illness was viewed by fear and infected persons were influenced by the moon - thus the word lunatic. period of withces, evil, and heretics
    middle ages and renaissance
  3. period where mentally ill were commited to asylums and those who committed crimes were put in prison
    18th and early 19th century
  4. large short term public institutions/hospital that were to provide humane and rationale treatment for the insane. a self sufficent community.
  5. period where the word psychiatry was coined - the journal of mental science
    18th/19th century
  6. period of shock therapy and mental illness was viewed as a disease
    18th/19th century
  7. an advocate for humane treatment as well as safe and comfortable environments. fought for activities for the asylum life
    dorothea dix
  8. when and where was the firs training school for mental health nurses opened?
    • -1882
    • -McLean Asylum Somerville Mass.
  9. what period did the reform movement begin?
    19th century
  10. what types of therapies were available in 1930?
    • -Insulin therapy
    • -deep sleep therapy
    • -electroshock therapy
  11. act that provided federal funds for research and education in all areas of psychiatric care.
    National Mental Health Act
  12. who published the book Interpersonal Relations in Nursing; the first nursing theoretical framework for the practice of psychiatric care
    Hildegard Peplau
  13. what type of shift was made in the 20th century for psychiatric nursing?
    a community based care shift
  14. when was the first psychiatric nursing text published?
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