Pt Care Process

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  1. Define Impairment
    Any lossor abnormality of physiological or anatomical structure or function. Examples: Rotator cuff tear
  2. Functional Limitation
    • restriction in the ability to perform at the level of the whole person, a physical action, activity or task in an efficient, typical manner.
    • Examples: unable to dress
  3. Disability
    Inability to engage in age specific gender related or sex specific roles in a particular social context or physical environment
  4. Examination
    • Role of PT
    • History
    • Systems Review
    • Tests and Meausres (PTA may gather data)
  5. Evaluation
    • Responsibility of PT
    • Problem list (can be at the level of impairment, functional limitation or disability)
    • Assest List
  6. Diagnosis
    • PT
    • Medical vs Pt diagnosis
  7. Progosis
    • PT
    • Goals and time frames
    • Plan of care
  8. Intervention
    • PT and PTA
    • Coordination and Communication
    • Pt/ client related instruction
    • procedural interventions
  9. Out Comes
    • PT responsibility - PTA may be asked to gather data
    • Re-evaluate Pt and evluate Rx outcomes
    • discharge planning
    • Discharge data collection

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Pt Care Process
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