Final Exam Am. Gov.

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  1. Chief Executive
    the presidet holds broad power in domestic and foreign affairs
  2. Chief Administrator
    the president heads a large gov. organization
  3. Electoral College
    the gruop of people chosen from each state and the distrcit of columbia (D.C.) to formally select the president and vice president
  4. Winner-take-all
    candiadate who wins the preference vote in primary automatically wins the support of all the delegates chosen in the primary
  5. Executive Article
    it outlines the powers of presidency
  6. Treaty
    it is an international agreement that requires senate approval
  7. Reprieve
    postpone or delay the execution of a sentence
  8. Commutation
    to reduce or lesson sentence
  9. Amnesty
    granting of a genernal pardon to a whole group of law violators
  10. Recognition
    the president can accept another country as equal in the family of nations
  11. Executive Agreement
    a pact b/w the president and a foreign state that does not require senate approval
  12. Executive Order
    a directing rule or regulation made by the president that has the effect of law
  13. Civil Rights
    positive acts of gov. that seek to make constitutional guarantees a realty for all
  14. Civil Liberties
    protections against arbitrary acts of the gov.
  15. Rights of Association
    the right to gather with others or promote political, economic, and social causes
  16. Establishment Clause
    sepration b/w church and state
  17. Free Exercise Clause
    protects the right to hold one's own religions beliefs
  18. Libel
    false and amlicious use of the printed word
  19. Due Process Clause
    states cannot deny the basic provisions of the Bill of Rights to their citizens due to the 14th amendment
  20. Shield Law
    protect reporters from having to disclose their soures
  21. Bills of Rights
    the first ten amendments to the consttution
  22. Picketing
    patrolling of a business by workers on strike
  23. Assemble
    the right of people to gather together to express their views on public matters
  24. Prior Restraint
    gov. action seeking to curb ideas before they are expressed
  25. Sedition
    crime of attempting to overthrow the gov. by force
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