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  1. Fill-in: _______ is the removal of a limb, or part of a limb, that is no longer useful to you and is causing you great pain, or threatens your health because of extensive infection
  2. A modified ankle disarticulation amputation, performed most frequently for extensive foot trauma
    and produces a painless, durable extremity end that can stand full wt bearing
    syme amputation
  3. Farming accident, lower left arm has been crushed, if he is in shock, how should the nx position his body to do tx
    on his back with his legs elevated
  4. Has a realistic-looking hand that is activated by electrical impulse from muscles in the upper are. Electrical activity is relayed from electrodes n the shell of the prosthesis to microcircuits in the prosthetic fingers is called
    myoelectric arm
  5. Fill-in: A kind of amputation where the skin flap cover the servered bone end is called ________
    closed method (flap amputation)
  6. A pt was rushed to surgery, and arm was amputated above the elbow. Pt wakes up cursing at the nx
    about missing arm. What should nx do?
    stay quietly with the pt at the bed side
  7. Pt complains of feeling sensations on the missing limb, the nx should say
    “you may be experiencing phantom pain”
  8. Fill-in: ________ is a growth containing many nerve cells.
  9. Fill-in: _______ is a benzodiazepine, a drug that slows down the central nervous system
    Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  10. Why are you rewrapping elastic bandages
    b/c Stump bandages shrinks and shapes the stump
  11. A bacterial infection of the hair follicle which produces small, etching, solid areas
  12. Least desirable position for a pt with below the knee amputation
    sitting in a chair
  13. Strengthening the pt’s muscles
    lifting herself with a trapeze
  14. SATA: below the knee amputation, want to ensure optimum rehabilitation, what nx action are appropriate?
    • Teach her how to wrap the stump from distally to proximally
    • Have her tighten her thigh muscle and press them into the bed
  15. What is a leading factor for osteoporosis
    estrogen deficiency
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