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  1. Adonis
    handsome young man
  2. aegis
    sheild or protection
  3. amazon
    tall, strong, bold woman
  4. ambrosial
    really pleasing to taste or smell
  5. atlas
    book of maps
  6. aurorial
    pertaining to the dawn, rosy, radiant
  7. bacchanalian
    jovial or wild with drunkenness
  8. Cassandra
    one who prophesies doom or danger, pessimist
  9. chimerical
    fantastic, unreal, impossible
  10. Draconian
    cruel, harsh, severe, ironhanded
  11. echolalia
    automatic and immediate repitition of what others say
  12. Elysian
    delightful, blissful, heavenly
  13. eristic
    prone to controversy, argumentative
  14. fauna
    animal life
  15. flora
    plant life
  16. forum
    medium or place for open discussion
  17. hector
    bully, immediate with threats
  18. herculean
    very difficult, requiring strength of Hercules
  19. hermetic
    airtight, secret, obscure, magical, mysterious
  20. iridescent
    having colors like the rainbow
  21. jovial
    jolly, merry
  22. labyrinthine
    full of confusing passageways, intricate, complicated
  23. laconic
    using words sparingly, concise
  24. lethargic
    unnaturally drowsy, sluggish
  25. Lucullan
  26. marathon
    endurance contest, race
  27. martial
    pertaining to war, warlike
  28. mentor
    wise, trusted advisor
  29. mercurial
    quick, vivacious, active
  30. myrmidon
    obedient follower
  31. narcissistic
    in love with onesself
  32. nectar
    something delicious to drink
  33. nemesis
    punishment for evil deeds, one who inflicts it
  34. odyssey
    long wanderings or travels
  35. Olympian
    magestic, godlike, having to do with Olympics
  36. paean
    song/hymn of praise or joy
  37. palladium
    safeguard, protection
  38. panic
    sudden, overpowering terror
  39. philippic
    bitter denunciation, tirade
  40. plutocratic
    having great influence due to having wealth
  41. procrustean
    cruel or inflexible in enforcing authority
  42. protean
    exceedingly variable, readily assuming different shapes and forms
  43. Pyrrhic
    ruinous, gained at too great a cost
  44. saturnine
    heavy, dull, gloomy
  45. siren
    dangerous, attractive woman, apparatus for sounding loud warnings
  46. solon
    legislator, wise lawgiver
  47. Spartan
    marked by simplicity and avoidance of comfort
  48. stentorian
    very loud
  49. Stygian
    very dark and gloomy
  50. tantalize
  51. terpsichorean
    pertaining to dancing
  52. thespian
    pertaining to drama or acting
  53. titanic
    enormous strength, size, power
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