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  1. Bowling
  2. Frame 1
    Throw a good shot to start off the game! Bad Shot Settle down “what did you learn?”
  3. Frame 2
    Throw a good shot so you know frame one started off correctly.

    Bad shot okay remember what happened frame 1 so you can learn cause your back on that lane.

    Bs Frame 2 after a bad shot keep feet slow what are you going to do differently to make up for the mistake in frame 1.
  4. Frame 3
    • Frame 3 Okay now your back on lane 1 you know what to do visualize and attack keep your self focused! Throw a good shot!
    • Bad shot okay its okay regroup and pick up your spare and adjust ¼ of the game is done you need to make good shots.

    BS Frame 3 okay you already been on this lane so do your thing and make a good shot.
  5. Frame 4
  6. Frame 4 Alright your back on lane 2 Throw a good shot and watch the pins make sure you don’t need to move.
    Bad shot its okay don’t get down on your self. Pick up the spare and move on, 3rd times a charm.

    BS Frame 4 Don’t get mad this is your 2nd shot on this lane now you need to make things happen and throw a good shot.
  7. Frame 5
    half way point Throw a good shot!
  8. Frame 6
    lets start getting ready for the end of the game Throw a good shot! you know what to do!
  9. Frame 7
    Hey almost there, getting close this is where you have to keep focused, don’t let yourself slip away Throw a good shot!
  10. Frame 8
    okay muscle memory now nothing fancy post up and Throw a good shot.
  11. Frame 9
    Foundation Frame!!! Get ready for the 10th this is where you cant let it slip away!
  12. Frame 10
  13. Be yourself this is where you should shine
    • this is your time just get up there and throw a good shot,
    • then throw another good shot, and then just because do it one more time!
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