A&P1: Lab Quiz, skull bone structures

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  1. Foramen
    an opening that allows passage of nerves or blood vessels
  2. Fossa
    a shallow depression in a bone
  3. Sulcus
    a grooce or furrow in a bone
  4. Meatus
    a canal or tube-like passage
  5. Fissure
    a narrow slit
  6. Sinus
    a cavity in a bone
  7. Squama
    the flat portion of a bone
  8. Facet
    a small, smooth surface or process for articulation
  9. Concha
    a lateral fold of bone that creates a more efficient circulation of inhaled air, by increasing surface area
  10. Fontanel
    spaces covered by tough membranes (connective tissue) between the bones of an infant's skull
  11. Visceral Skeleton
    skeletal elements delivered from embryonic gill arches, they include the hyoid bone and ear ossicles
  12. Foeva
    a depression or pit
  13. Condyle
    rounded, knuckle-like eminence on a bone that articulates with another bone
  14. Tuberosity
    a raised, roughened surface for the attachment of muscles
  15. Tubercle
    a small, rounded process, a small eminence
  16. Trochanter
    a very large process on the femur upon which muscles attach
  17. Head
    a process supported by a constricted neck
  18. Crest
    a narrow ridge of bone
  19. Spine
    a sharp, slender process
  20. Suture
    a line remaining after 2 bones have joined together and fused
  21. Ramus
    a branch-like structure on a bone
  22. Cronu
    a horn shaped structure
  23. Image Upload
  24. Image Upload
  25. Image Upload
  26. Image Upload
    styloid process
  27. Image Upload
    stylohyoid ligament
  28. Image Upload
    lesser horn of hyold bone
  29. Image Upload
    greater wing of hyold bone
  30. Image Upload
    tracheal rings
  31. Image Upload
    cricold cartilage
  32. Image Upload
    thyroid cartilage
  33. Image Upload
    body of hyold bone
  34. Image Upload
    meckel's cartilage
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