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  1. DUI refer to
    Driving under the influence
  2. BAC
    Blood alcohol concentration
  3. Food may reduce the effects of alcohol on the body by
    shlow the absorbtion rate of alcohol in your bloodstream
  4. An alcohol beverage which is 80 proof is percent alcohol
  5. When you operate a motor vehicle on Virginia roadways you have agreed to take a chemical test for alcohol if suspected of drinking and driving. What is this law called
    implied consent
  6. Drivers less then 21 with a BAC of .02 or above may lose thier license under what law
    No tolerence law
  7. The body rids itself of most of the alcohol consumed through
    the liver
  8. Alcohol is a
    drug (depressant)
  9. Drinking and Driving is illegal at what age
    all ages
  10. Alcohol must be digested before entering the blood stream (true / false)
  11. Long term effects of using alcohol
    alcoholism, liver problems
  12. What will lower BAC
  13. As a person's BAC goes up his/her feild of vision is reduced (true / false)
  14. WHat is a good method of handling an agressive driver
    increase the space between you two
  15. Hydroplanning occures when
    a tire loses road contact by rising up on top of water and no longer has contact with the road
  16. A danger of driving through deep water is
    mis calculating depth
  17. Dust or sand can do what
    blind a driver
  18. bridges and over passes can be more hazordous during cold weather because
    they might be ice on it, water will freeze on bridges first
  19. one method used to help cool an overheated engine in
    turn on your heater
  20. as a tire gets hot, tire pressure does what
    Approximetly ___% of our driving clues depend on vision
  21. If a driver is blinded by the lights of an oncoming vehicle he/she should
    look ahead with frequent quick glances to check oncoming traffic
  22. In fog you should use
  23. A wet road is slippery when
    it firsts starts raining
  24. Air bags deploy at speed up to
  25. THe temperature light will come on in your vehicle when
    your vehicle is too hot
  26. If your antilock braking system light comes on breigly when you start the car, what does it mean
    it is functioning properly
  27. If the rear tire blows out what will it do
    the back of the vehicle can fishtail
  28. If you experience a blowout you should
    ease up on the accelerator
  29. If driving the accelerator pedal gets stuck and the engine is racing you should
    kick the side of the acceletator apply brakes
  30. If you experience brake failure
    downshift to lower gear, oull and hold parking brake
  31. Springs and shock absorbers are part of the
    Suspension system
  32. Uneven tire wear may indicate
    that the wheels have not been rotated or balanced
  33. ABS
    Antilock braking system
  34. Most railroad fatalities are cause by what
    driver error
  35. Why do people fail to act in emergency
    they are in shock
  36. Procedure for choking
    hiemlek menuever
  37. Reduce disease transmission
    mouth to barrier device
  38. WHy use head tilt, chin lift
    to clear the airways
  39. 1st link in the chain of survival
    early access
  40. What is the purpose of CPR, what does it stand fore
    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, supplies a minimal amount of blood to the heart and brain
  41. What do you do if someone has a seizure
    • Move away from dangerous object
    • loosen clothing
    • roll to recovery position
    • Call 911
  42. Heat exhaustion
    condition caused by the loss of the body's water and salt through excessive sweating
  43. Burns (first, second, third)
    • First- Sun burn
    • Second - bad
    • Third- worst
  44. Good samaritan law
    Laws that encourage individuals to volentarily help an injured or suddenly ill person
  45. The likely pulse of someone with a resting heart rate
    60-100 beats a minute
  46. How many calories must you use in order to lose 1 pound of wieght in 1 week
  47. What does "THR" stand for
    target heart rate
  48. What do the letters in "FITT" stand for
    frequency, intensity, tme, type
  49. What is BMI
    Body mass index
  50. Basketball
    The game is started with
    jump ball
  51. Basketball
    Each team has ___ players
  52. Basketball
    Penalty shots are called
    Free throws, rewarded when a foul is called on a shot attempt
  53. Basketball
    What are 2 kinds of defence
    2-3 3-2
  54. Volleyball
    Holyoke, massachusetts
  55. Volleyball
    How many players on the court
    six on each side
  56. Volleyball
    Times the team can hit that ball
  57. TImes you can hit the ball
  58. Volleyball
    Points in a game
  59. Volleyball
    Points a team must be ahead to win
  60. Volleyball
    THe clockwise movement of players
  61. Volleyball
    SIde cut
    THe recieving team sucessfully puts the ball away against the serving team
  62. Softball
    The only base you can overun without being tagged out is
  63. Softball
    THe strike zone is an area between the ________ and the ___________
    chest and knee
  64. Softball
    4 balls=
    a walk
  65. Softball
    3 strikes =
  66. Softball
    The batter is out if a fair or foul ball is
  67. A "ball" is called when the ballis not pitched in the ________ and not swung at
    strike zone
  68. Softball
    calls the game
  69. Softball
    the ball must be pitched
  70. Softball
    What is a pop-fly
    A ball hits strait up in the air in the in field
  71. Badminton
    Game is
    21 points
  72. Define Badminton
    A game between 2 players or a team of doubles hitting a light, feathered shuttlecock with a recquet over a central net
  73. Badminton
    best of 5 games
  74. Badminton
    A shuttle is declared out of play if
    it fails to cross the net lands out of the court or hits the ceiling of the venue
  75. Badminton
    A shuttle may hit the new on a serve as long as it
    lands with in the opponents service court, otherwise it is a fault
  76. Badminton
    A person can hit the shuttle twice in succession, their team may also hit it more the once before it goes over the net ( true / false )
  77. Badminton
    Must start serve on _______ side
    right side
  78. Soccer
    Ther are __________ players on a regulation soccer team
  79. Soccer
    Goal counts as ___ points
  80. Soccer
    The game begins with
    a kick off
  81. Soccer
    A throw in occurs when
    THe ball if kicked over the sidelines
  82. Soccer
    THe only player allowed to use their hands
  83. Soccer
    Red card
    sent off the field for one of 7 offenses, can be replaced
  84. Soccer
    Yellow card
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