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  1. William Pitt had a dispute with this guy
    Duke of Newcastle
  2. Nickname of William Pitt the Elder
    The Great Commoner
  3. Solidified mustard gas can be mistaken for this
  4. Economist who wrote about the Sermon on the Mount
    Max Weber
  5. Strait that connects the Gulf of Aqaba to the Red Sea
    Strait of Tiran
  6. Position of Charles Martel before being king
    Mayor of the Palace
  7. Mounted militia company than partook in the Battle of Tippecanoe
    Yellow Jackets
  8. Archaeological site in the Libyan Desert
    Siwa Oasis
  9. Famous Prince of Yugoslavia
    Prince Paul
  10. Ran with George Wallace in the 1968 Election
    Curtis LeMay
  11. Lesser political incident of the Grant Administration
    Sanborn Incident
  12. Varieties of Religious Experience
    William James
  13. Campaign against the Maori
    Hutt Valley Campaign
  14. Famous Italian Battle during World War I
    Battle of Caporetto
  15. Massachusetts governor during Shays' Rebellion
    James Bowdoin
  16. First European to map the Gulf of St. Lawrence
    Jacques Cartier
  17. Roberval originally led this man's third expedition
    Jacques Cartier
  18. Explored the New World under Grave du Pont
    Samuel de Champlain
  19. Northern Bay in North Island
    Bay of Plenty
  20. Anthrax Factor
    Edema Factor
  21. Regiment at the Battle of the Thames
    Kentucky Riflemen
  22. Coined the term "Moral Hazard"
    Kenneth Arrow
  23. Broke the Siege of Quebec
    John Burgoyne
  24. Infiltrated by James McParlan
    Molly Maguires
  25. Two affairs Edward VII had
    • Lillie Langtry
    • Lady Churchill
  26. Wife of Edward VII
    Princess Alexandra
  27. Santeria god
  28. Mother of Shaka Zulu
  29. Gave the Cornerstone Speech
    Alexander Stevens
  30. Forms the Southern border of French Guiana
    Oyapock River
  31. Forms the Northern border of French Guiana
  32. Separated into Soft and Hot Factions
    Indian National Congress
  33. Marie Antoinette was involved in this affair
    Diamond Necklace Affair
  34. Negotiated the Treaty of Greenville
    "Mad" Anthony Wayne
  35. Wife of George IV
    Caroline of Brunswick
  36. Had an affair with George IV
    Maria Fitzherbert
  37. Cape at the top of Labrador
    Cape Chidley
  38. Rules over the Methodists
  39. Famous for its Covenant Service
  40. Second largest city in Romania
  41. Preceded the ITO
  42. Last High King of Ireland
    Brian Boru
  43. Intended to resolve issues in Quebec
    Meech Lake Accords
  44. Hauser's Law is associated with this diagram
    Laffer Curve
  45. Scottish guy who revolted against Henry II
    William I
  46. Treaty that recognized Henry II as heir to the throne
    Treaty of Wallingford
  47. Issued the Constitutions of Clarendon
    Henry II
  48. Described peak experiences
  49. Lost all the battles to Alexander the Great
    Darius III
  50. Harbors built at Normandy
    Mulberry Harbors
  51. First US AG
    Edmund Randolph
  52. Said that philosophy begins in media res
  53. Extension of the Eightfold Path in Theravada Buddhism
    Three Noble Disciplines
  54. Washington Luis was overthrown in 1930 in this country
  55. The Hopewell was one of this man's ships
    Henry Hudson
  56. Group that was chiefly responsible for the Teapot Dome Scandal
    Ohio Gang
  57. Tademait Plateau is in this country
  58. Only Charles Rose and John Bly were executed after this event
    Shays Rebellion
  59. Co-led Shay's Rebellion
    Luke Day
  60. Second largest city in Nevada
  61. Talked about the use of innate categories
    Immanuel Kant
  62. Hadrian tried to kill this guy (Maybe)
    Cornelius Palma
  63. Hongxi Emperor was of this dynasty
  64. Succeeded by Huerta
    Francisco Madero
  65. Principia Ethica
    George Moore
  66. Divided human ideas into Relations of Ideas and Matters of Fact
  67. Problem described by Hume
    Is-Ought Problem
  68. Southern part of Belgium
    Walloon region
  69. The Count d'Eu fought in this war
    War of the Triple Alliance
  70. Took over for Solano Lopez in the War of the Triple Alliance
    Antonio Rivarola
  71. Groups that fought against Francisco Franco
  72. Established after a victory over the Sosso Empire
  73. Abubakari led this empire
  74. Strait connecting the Gulf of Aqaba to the Red Sea
    Straits of Tiran
  75. Said that kids of immigrants had larger heads than their parents
  76. (Organelle) Pompe's Disease
  77. Convened Synod of Frankfurt
  78. Formed the Red Stick Confederacy
  79. Discussed Las Meninas in one work
  80. Refers to practices of public health as biopower
  81. Coined the term governmentally
  82. Movement of 15 Khordad was in this country
  83. (Empire) Conquered the Urartu
    Assyrian Empire
  84. Another Zulu leader
  85. Pioneer in child psychology
    Anna Freud
  86. Freud coined the Thanatos in this work
    Beyond the Pleasure Principle
  87. Southernmost city in Texas
  88. Louis Boufflers and Claude Villars led a charge here
    War of Spanish Succession
  89. Put John Zapolya on the Hungarian throne
    Suleiman the Magnificent
  90. Was a governor of the Kaffa region
    Suleiman the Magnificent
  91. German commander at First Marne
  92. Bosnian politician sought for crimes along with Mladic
    Radovan Karadzic
  93. Associate US v. EC Knight with this legislation
    Sherman Antitrust Act
  94. Strengthened by the Celler-Kefauver Act
    Clayton Antitrust Act
  95. Jewish term for anything that's not leavened
  96. Tuber Omentale is in this organ
  97. Believed in developing behavior through gradual approximations (shaping)
  98. First and Second Bishop's Wars occurred during this man's reign
    Charles I
  99. King who supported Richard Montagu
    Charles I
  100. Fought in court in the Five Knights Case
    Charles I
  101. Religion with a random verse read at the end of a service (hokum)
  102. Western Roman Emperor circa Constantine
  103. Examined the origin of numbers
  104. Popularized the term epoch
    Edmune Husserl
  105. Big peninsula on Cyprus
    Karpass Peninsula
  106. Was Chief Justice during Furman v. Georgia and Gregg v. Georgia
    Warren Burger
  107. Tribe from South Carolina that joined the Seminoles
  108. India's largest state
  109. Malpeque Bay is on this island
    Prince Edward Island
  110. Ended with the Chernigov Revolt
    Decembrist Revolt
  111. Issued the Eight Honors and Eight Shames
    Hu Jiintao
  112. Developed the idea of "language drift"
  113. Worked with Alfred Kroeber
  114. His supporters were killed in the Ezeiza Massacre
    Juan Peron
  115. Created Ostpolitik
    Willy Brandt
  116. Economist who wrote about Wilt Chamberlain
    Robert Nozick
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