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  1. list 5 indications for bronchoscopy
    • removal of foreign objects
    • removal of mucus plugs to treat atelectasis
    • pulm hemmorhage
    • difficult tracheal intubation
    • biopsy of airway tumors
    • sputum collection for culture and sensitivity
  2. list 8 complications of bronchoscopy
    • hypoxemia
    • laryngospasm
    • bronchospasm
    • arrhythmias
    • hemorrhage
    • resp depression
    • hypotension
    • pneymothorax
  3. name one medication that is commonly used to achieve conscious sedation before bronchoscopy
    • diazepam - valium
    • midazolam - versed
  4. what is the purpose of administering atropine before procedure
    to dry out the airway
  5. how should the bronchoscope be cleaned after the procedure
    soak in glutaraldehyde (cidex) solution for 3 to 10 h to disinfect or sterilize
  6. what is the purpose of inserting a chest tube
    drain fluid or air from the pleural space so lung may reexpand
  7. if the water in the water seal bottle is not fluctuating, what shoud be suspected
    obstruction of the tube
  8. if a chest tube becomes obstructed, what may occur
    tension pneumothorax
  9. if an air leak from a chest tube is suspected, what should be done first
    clamp the tube and identifu the source of the leak
  10. how much negative pressure is generally required to help evacuate fluid or air from the pleural space
    -15 cm h2o
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