Pride and Prejudice Extra

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  1. According to Mr. Bennet, the problem with his marriage is that ___.
    he has no respect for his wife
  2. Pride and Prejudice is told from which point of view?
    third-person omniscient
  3. The theme of appearance versus reality is best represented by the behavior of __
  4. The opening sentence of Pride and PRejudice is an example of __.
  5. What virtue in women did Jane Austen hold in high esteem?
  6. Jane Austen's novel can be viewed as a mirror of society. Which of the following social attitudes and customs does Austen NOT illustrate in Pride and Prejudice?
    social consciosness was essential
  7. Which of the following characters best exemplifies the theme that social rank is not an indication of one's moral worth?
    Lady catherine de Bourgh
  8. __ is the poor daughter of a knight.
  9. __ and __ are not foil characters. Neither are __ and _.
    • darcy and elizabeth
    • jane and bingley
  10. Darcy and Elizabeth are both __.
  11. __ is Mrs. Bennet's brother.
    Mr. gardiner
  12. True or False:
    Darcy and Elizabeth are both pride and prejudice.
  13. Austen satirizes _ through the use of Collins, lady catherine, Caroline, etc.
  14. Whom besides Elizabeth and Lydia does Wickham pursue?
    Miss King
  15. __ is the village that the Bennets live, right next to __.
    • Longbourn
    • Netherfield
  16. Bingley before meeting the girls for the first time meets Mr. Bennet, leaves to __, adn returns with _.
    • London
    • his sisters, brother-in law (Mr. hurst) and Darcy
  17. Where is the first ball held, where Jane and Bingley meet?
  18. Bingley inherited __ from his father; but he lives in a tenant temporarily against his sister's wishes.
    100, 000 lbs
  19. What is Darcy attracted to in Liz?
    • wit and candor
    • liveliness of mind
  20. __, Mrs. Bennet's sister, lives in __. Who constantly visits her?
    • Mrs. Philips
    • Meryton
    • Kitty and Lydia
  21. Who are foil characters to Elizabeth?
    Charlotte and Caroline Bingley
  22. __, one of Lydia's officer friends, introduces Wickham.
    Mr. Denny
  23. Elizabeth's most sensible relatives are _.
    the Gardiners
  24. Where is Collin's parish? Where is their house? With whom does Elizabeth visit Charlotte and Collins?
    • Hunsford
    • Kent
    • Sir William Lucas
  25. What is the turning point in the novel?
    darcy's first proposal and her rejection
  26. Who is the voice of reason in the novel? What does this voice of reason warn Elizabeth and why?
    • Mrs. Gardiner
    • not to fall in love with Wickham because of his lower social status and that he is a mercenary
  27. What is Darcy's housekeeper's name?
    Mrs. Reynolds
  28. After her marriage, Lydia's visit home is only __ days.
  29. Who helped bring Darcy and Elizabeth together?
    The Gardiners
  30. What is the climax in the novel?
    Elizabeth's acceptance and Darcy's second proposal
  31. What genre is PRide and PRejudice?
    comedy of manners
  32. Who is the protagonist? antagonist?
    • Eliza Bennet
    • snobbish class consciousness (Lady Catherine and Miss Bingley)
  33. What is the setting (time and place)?
    • Napoleonic Wars
    • Longbourin in rural England
  34. Whose P.O.V. is the novel?
  35. What is the falling action?
    after darcy proposes
  36. What is the tense of the novel?
    past tense
  37. What is the tone of the novel?
    comic "light and bright and sparkling"
  38. What are the themes?
    • love
    • reputation
    • class
  39. What are the motifs?
    • courtship
    • journey
  40. Who says the following: “I have been meditating on the very great pleasure which a pair of fine eyes in the face of a pretty woman can bestow.”
  41. : Who says the following: “Ten thousand a year! Oh, Lord! What will become of me! I shall go distracted!”
    mrs. bennet
  42. Who says the following: “Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.”
    charlotte lucas
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