World History Fianl 2

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  1. nicholas II
    he is the last czar of russia
  2. unrestricted submarine warfare
    germand policy that would sink any ship without warning
  3. baron von richthofen
    red baron; german ace of all aces
  4. man in the iron mask
    he is the mysterious prisoner who died in prison, his identity was a secret
  5. napolean and moscow
    lost his best soldiers
  6. louis XIV
    sun king
  7. pearl harbor
    dec. 7, 1941
  8. eddie reckenbacker
    took the hun out of his name; indy rececar driver; like billy the kid killed a man every year of his life; last shot of WWI
  9. compienge
    here in reailroad car germany signed armistic, ending WWI
  10. lusitania
    large passenger ship sunk by germans killing 123 americans
  11. Indianapolis
    carried atomic bomb, topedoed, sharks
  12. rhineland
    german industiral land taken by france at the end of WWI and was demilitarized
  13. Otto von Bismark
    prime minister of prussia who united prussia into germany
  14. militarism
  15. bolshevik revolution
    communist overthrow of russia
  16. benito mussolini
    military dictator of italy
  17. karl marx
    german philosopher who wrote communist theories in his book, "communist manifesto"
  18. d-day
    date of invasion of fortress europe
  19. spanish civil war
    dress rehersal for WWI
  20. napolean III and mexico
    lost; real definition ?
  21. hiroshima
    aug. 6, 1945 at 8:16, first atomic bomb dropped here
  22. united nations
    created at the end of WWII to encourage international cooperation
  23. cinco de mayo
    battle with napolean, mexico won; real definition..?
  24. truman
    president at end of WWII ordered ddropping of atomic bombs, the buck stops here
  25. roosevelt
    president at beginning of WWII, a date that will live in infamy
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