Lymphatic Systems Quiz

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  1. Cisterna Chyli
    A small holding sac for lymphs. Located at xiphoid process on the front of the body/L2 on the back. In the abdomen along the leg & thoracic and lymphatic duct.
  2. Lymphatic Vessels
    Collects and carries the lymph. It carries to terminus points & dumps material into blood stream. (Filtration system)
  3. Red blood cells
    An oxygen and carbon dioxide transport. Vital for clotting.
  4. Appendix
    Located of the large intestine. A coiled shaped tube of large intestine.
  5. Bone Marrow
    Located in long bones (shaft) diafisis. Produces red blood cells and stores fat. Yellow marrow is fat.
  6. Spleen
    Largest organ in the lymphatic system. Filters blood and helps in immunity.
  7. Linguil tonsils
    Under the tongue at the base. It is a mass of lymph tissue.
  8. Palatine Tonsils
    Most prominant of the three tonsils and located on each side of the throat. A mass of lyphatic tissue.
  9. Pharangeal Tonsels
    Also known as the adenoids when enlarged. Located above the soft palate and the posterior wall of the nasal portion fo the pharynx.
  10. Thymus gland
    Located in the upper thorax posterior to the sternum and anterior to the great vessels from the heart. Aids in immunolgic function. Produces T cells.
  11. Phagocytosis
    A cell engulfs and ingests micro organisms, other cells, or foreign particles.
  12. Interleukin
    Cytokins (signaling molecules). A chemical that secretes and stimulates T cells and plasma cells & killer T cells. Produced maninly by macrophages & lymphocytes.
  13. Interferon
    Cytokins secreted by certain cells when invaded by viruses and certain intracellular pathogens. Stimulates other cells to produce antiviral proteins.
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