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  1. Mercury
    • Rockyiron.
    • Largest iron core of anty planet.
    • No atmosphere, rendering largest temperature range.
    • Less than half the size of the Earth.
  2. Venus
    • Rockyiron.
    • Often called Earth's twin due to similarity in size and the fact that it's composed of the same elements.
    • Thick atmosphere (*100 of Earth's), made of CO2
    • Rich in sulfuric acid.
    • Surface is intensely volcanic.
  3. Earth
    • Rockyiron.
    • Contains liquid water.
    • Supports life.
  4. Mars
    • Rockyiron.
    • Small size causes less gravity.
    • Atmosphere has been leaking.
    • Contains ice caps.
    • Has river valleys, evidence of liquid water.
    • Cold and dry.
  5. Asteroid Belt
    • Far away from each other as unpopularly believed.
    • One asteroid, called Ida, has a moon called Dactyl.
  6. Jupiter
    • Gas giant.
    • Largest planet.
    • Mosly atmospheric.
    • Day lasts 10 hours.
    • Rapid spin of Jupiter stratifies gases into bands.
    • Massive storms and great red spot.
  7. Saturn
    • Gas giant.
    • Rings of ice.
    • Day lasts 10.5 hours.
    • Full of storms.
    • Saturn's moon, Titan, is made of methane, an organic molecule.
  8. Uranus
    • Gas giant.
    • Considerable amounts of methane, giving it its blue color.
    • Tilted 82 degrees toward the sun.
    • Dark rings.
  9. Neptune
    • Highest winds in the solar system.
    • Storms occur, such as the Great Dust Spot.
    • Width or rings are uneven.
  10. Pluto
    • 2/3 size of the moon.
    • Made of ice and rock.
  11. Comets
    • Made of rock and ice.
    • Solar wind caused by discharge of particles.
    • Tail always points away from the sun.
    • Oort Cloud Theory: Spherical cloud of comets surrounds the solar system.
  12. Moon
    • Records history of the universe better than Earth.
    • Used to be volcanic.
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