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  1. What is can the alphafetoprotien (AFP ) test indicate ?
    If it is high it can indicate neural tube defects, such as spina bifida
  2. What does the stress test measure?
    placental insufficancy and the reaction of the fetus to uterine contractions

    negative is good

    positive is bad
  3. At what age during pregnancy can you distingush the sex of the fetus?
    and 3 months or 9-12 weeks.
  4. What does the Umbilical vein carry?
    oxygenated blood from the placenta to the fetus
  5. What is Ductus venosus?
    allows oxygenated blood from the placenta to bypass the liver
  6. What are the (MOM) internal changes that take place during pregnancy ?
    Hegars sign, softening of the uterus from the uterus getting larger.
  7. Is appetite increased or decreased in the first trimester?
    INCREASED baby and mom need nutrients
  8. What is nageles rule ?
    • used to calculate EDC.
    • 1st day of LMP, add 7 days and count back 3 months.
  9. How is pregnancy diagnosed?
    positive HCG
  10. What are some of the positive signs of pregnancy ?
    • Fetal heart tones
    • x ray
    • ultrasound
    • palpation of fetal head, feet, hands
  11. Why is medical hx important for a pregnant woman?
    • habits-drug, alcohol
    • gravida is # of pregnancy's
    • para is #of living children
  12. It is important to do a thorough complete physical on your pregnant patient because?
    PIH ! Increased blood pressure is the biggest complication !
  13. What kinds of nutrition teaching do you need to give for a pregnant woman?
    increase Iron, so eat liver, kidney beans , green leafy vegetables, eggs, tofu. etc.
  14. What is an incomplete abortion?
    loss of fetus, placenta remains inside and pt will usually need a D & C to evacuate contents.
  15. What are the symptoms of placenta previa?
    painless uterus bleeding, scanty to severe bright red, and in the 3rd trimester.
  16. DIC when does it most often occur?
    cause is unknown , but often occurs with placenta abruption, missed abortion.
  17. What is Eclampsia?
    it is pre-eclampsia but also has the convulsions. caused by high blood pressure.
  18. When would you NOT give mag sulfate
    if DTR's are absent.
  19. What effects does syphilis have on the fetus?
    Rhegades on corners of mouth and anus, cracks and linear fissurs, snuffles, obstruction in nasal breathing.
  20. Can the pt breastfeed if the have cardiac disease?
    • NO it is contraindicated
    • also teach contraceptive education
    • watch for s/sx of left and right sided heard failure.
  21. Preschoolers age 3-5 years are in what stage according to erickson?
    • initiative VS guilt
    • - confidence is gained through learning
    • -activily seek new experiences
    • -explore how and why
    • -restrictions and reprimand result in guilt with hesitation to attempt challenging skills in motor and language development
  22. Industry VS inferiority
    • Focus on end acheivment
    • pleasure from finishing projects
    • inferiority ofr lack of self worth when not accepted by peers
  23. What is treatment for a laryngeal stridor?
    Oxygen and suction
  24. What are the vaccines given at age 2 months?
    • Dtap #1
    • Polio #1
    • Hib # 1
  25. What is characteristics of downs syndrome?
    Simian crease. where hand has one crease instead of two.
  26. What are s/sx of failure to thrive baby?
    listlessness, unresponsive to holding and attention. prolonged periods of sleep.
  27. What is important to remmeber when you have a pt in Bryants traction?
    Butt off the mattress slightly
  28. What is wilms tumor
    cancerous kidney tumor in children
  29. What is cryptorchidism
    • one or more testes is absent from scrotum.
    • *if not corrected will cause sterility
  30. What is s/s of pyloric stenosis in a 3- 8 week old infant?
    projectile vomiting irritability, weight loss, and dehydration
  31. What is Tetralogy of Fallot?
    a birth defect of the heart that consists of four abnormalities that result in insuffeciently oxygenating the blood that is pumped to the body. it is a cyanotic heart defect that causes syanosis. surgery to repair the defects is usually performed between ages 3-5 if more severe may be earlier but in most cases the outcome is good.
  32. What is Pulmonary Valve Stenosis?
    Partially closes making the right ventricle work causing hypertrophy
  33. What are the symptoms of sickle cell anemia?.
    • Jaundice
    • Fatigue
    • Breathlessness
    • Hand swelling
    • joint pain
    • foot swelling
    • arm and leg pain
    • back pain
  34. What is otitis media
    middle ear infections that is caused by nasopharyngeal infections traveling through the eustachian tubes because they are wider and shorter in children
  35. SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome)
    90% of cases occur by age 6 months
  36. What are s/sx of meningitis?
    • elevated temp, irritability, high pitched cry, bulging fontanel
    • TX: isolation and IV atx
  37. What is treatment for infantile eczema?
    • tepid baths
    • skin care
    • antihistamines
    • mittens
    • elbow restraints
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