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  1. Name the 2 classes of CCBs. Which one bigger effect n heart?
    • Dihydropyridines--> don't affect heart much, safer S/P heart failure or in bradycardia.
    • Non-dihydropyramidines.--> negative chronotrope and ionotrope. Good for reducing tachycardia.
  2. What are some drugs CCBs increases the serum level of? What food item can elevate certain dihydropyramidine concentrations?
    Statins and carbamazepine (Tegretol). Grapefruit juice can interact.Allow 2 hrs before and 4 hours after consumption of pills.
  3. Like all other bp meds (not ACEI), CCBs are associated w/?
    Sexual dysfunction (Beta-blockers, diuretics)
  4. Which class is often standard tx for diabetics?
    ACEI, ARBs or non-dihydropyradine CCBs because of possible renal-protective effects (definitely for non-diabetic nephropathy)
  5. What is Cardizem?
  6. What is Lotensin?
    Benazepril (ACEI)
  7. What is Vasotec?
    Enalapril. (ACEI)
  8. What is Accupril?
    Quinapril (ACEI)
  9. What is Altace?
    Ramipril. (ACEI)
  10. What is Avapro?
    Irbesartan (ARB)
  11. What is Cozaar?
    Losartan. (ARB)
  12. What is Micardis?
    Telmisartan. (ARB)
  13. What is Benicar?
  14. What is Diovan?
  15. What is Catapres?
    Clonidine (Antiadrenergic)
  16. What is Coreg?
    Carvedilol (B-blocker)
  17. What is Lopressor?
    Metoprolol. (B-blocker)
  18. What is Bystolic?
    Nebivolol. (B-blocker)
  19. What is Inderal?
    Propanolol (B-blocker)
  20. What is Norvasc?
    Amlodipine (CCB)
  21. What is Plendil?
  22. What is Adalat or Procardia?
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