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  1. Berserk
    violently or destructively frenzied; wild; crazed; deranged:
  2. Jubilee
    any season or occasion of rejoicing or festivity.
  3. Juggernaut
  4. saga
  5. trek
    start trek, journey
  6. bedlam
    a place or situation of noisy uproar and confusion
  7. draconian
    exceedingly harsh ; rigorous ; cruel, of or designating a law or code of extreme severity
  8. herculean
    of or requiring unusual size, power, or difficulty, of or resembling hercules
  9. mesmerize
    to capture and charm ; enthrall, to hypnotize
  10. titanic
    having great stature, or enormous strength ; huge ; colossal, of enormous scope ; power or influence
  11. distraught
    agitated with anxiety ; worried crazed or mad
  12. halcyon
    calm and peaceful, tranquil, prosperous, golden
  13. lachrymose
    weeping or inclined to weep ; tearful
  14. revel
    to take great pleasure or delight in, to engage in uproarious festivities
  15. tirade
    a long angry or violent speech, usually denouncing or criticizing someone or something
  16. elan
    enthusiastic vigor and liveliness ; zest style ; flair
  17. laissez faire
    non interference in the affair of others
  18. potpourri
    combination of diverse elements
  19. eclectic
    consisting of elements taken from diverse source
  20. grotesque
    characterized by ludicrous or incongruous distortion, extravagant ; outlandish ; bizarre
  21. lampoon
    broad comic piece that uses ridicule to attack a person or institution
  22. parody
    a comic imitation of a person
  23. satirical
    of, relating to or characterized by a sarcastic mocking or witty attack on human vice or folly
  24. finite
  25. gamut
    the complete range or extent of something
  26. iota
    extrememely small amount, bit
  27. picayune
    of little value or importance, petty
  28. hiatus
    gap or interruption
  29. perpetuity
    quality, state or condition of being everlasting
  30. pristine
    of or pertaining to or typical of the earliest time or condition
  31. transcience
    the state or quality of passing into and out of existence
  32. edict
    formal proclamation, command, decree
  33. elocution
    art of public speaking, emphasizing gesture, vocal production, and delivery
  34. grandiloquence
    pompous or bmbasitc speech or expression
  35. indict
    to accuse of a crime or other offense ; charge
  36. loquacious
    very talkative, garnulous
  37. jettison
    discard as unwanted, burdensome
  38. pinnacle
    highest point, summit
  39. stultify
    to render useless or inadequate ; cripple
  40. surmount
    to overcome an obstacle, conquer
  41. wrest
    to obtain by or as pulling with violent twisting movements
  42. tenuous
    having little sunstance ; flimsy
  43. tenure
    the period of holding something, such as property or office ; occupation
  44. avarice
    an extreme desire for wealth ; greed
  45. insatiable
    incapable of being fully satisfied
  46. myriad
    constituting a verly large, indef number, innumberable
  47. tumult
    disorderly, noisy movement of pple
  48. voluminous
    having great volume
  49. pretentuous
    making an extravagant outward show
  50. sustenance
    something esp food that supports life and good health
  51. tenacious
    holding firmly, persistent
  52. convivial
    sociable, fond of feasting and good company
  53. ebullience
    the quality and lively manner of expressing feelings or ideas in an enthusiastic and lively manner
  54. placid
    having an undisturbed surface or aspect, outwardly calm/composed
  55. sardonic
    scornfully mocking and derisive
  56. truculent
    savage and cruel, fierce
  57. audacious
    fearlessly daring, bold
  58. dour
    marked by stubborn sterness or harshness
  59. irresolute
    undecided or uncertain as to action or procedure
  60. obsequious
    excessively eager to serve, obey. or ingratiate oneself, fawning
  61. stoic
    seemingly indifferent to or unaffected by pleasure or pain, impassive
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