mod c unit 3

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  1. document indicating the activity in an account
  2. person paying a debt
  3. person reveiving payment of a debt
  4. financial activity of a business
  5. total earnings paid to an employee after payroll taxes and other deductions have been taken
    net wages
  6. total amount of money earned before deductions are taken out
    gross wages
  7. amount of money not able ot be collected
  8. listing of a physicians' charge for services
  9. anything of value owned by a business that can be used to acquire other items
  10. report showing the results of income and expenses over time
    income statement
  11. report that indicated the cinancial condition of a business
    financial statement
  12. system that provides insurance to the employer for a worker injured on the job
    worker's compensation
  13. using a written future date
  14. tool used to analyze the effect of a transaction on an account
  15. report on the financial condition of a business on a certain date
    balance sheet
  16. record of a pt's transactions showing an amount due
    accounts reveivable
  17. type of endorsement in which payee indicates a sole purpose for funds
    restrictive endorsement
  18. report that shows how long a debt has gone unpaid
  19. amount owed, debt
  20. respresenting liabilities
  21. legislation requiring a disclosure statement that informs a patient of a procedure's total cost, including finance charges
    truth in lending statements
  22. write it once system is also known as the _______________
    pegboard system
  23. what does a blank endorsement mean?
    type of endorsement in which only a signature is listed on the back of a check
  24. superbill
    encounter form
  25. anything of value owned by a business that can be used to acquire other items
  26. t or f. A write-off is done when a portion or entire amount of the charges cannot be collected
  27. what is the term for money prepared and sent to a financial institution
  28. These are sometimes give to their health care professionals and their families
    professioanl discounts
  29. which of the following is recored in the payroll?
    employee salaries, wages, deductions
  30. what is the term for an employee's total earnings after payroll taxes and other deductions have been taken?
    net pay
  31. t or f. checks marked paid in full should not be accepted unless the amount covers the entire amount
  32. acts as a journal for recording the day activities
    day sheets
  33. contains demographics about pt as well as important billing info
    ledger card
  34. describes a fixed fee paid by patient at each office visit
  35. shows the results of income and expenses over time
    income statement
  36. t or f. statement receipt is another name for a receipt-charge slip
  37. what is the name for reports that tell the owner the fiscal condition of a practice
    financial statement
  38. wage and hour law
    fair labor standards act
  39. federal law requires______________ to be deducted from an employee's gross pay
    • social security tax
    • medicare
    • federal income tax
  40. term for the listing of a phy's charges for service
    fee schedule
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