Acts By Roosevelt in the New Deal

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  1. Federeal Deposit Insurance
    Established by the glass-steagal act. It provided federal insurance for individual bank accounts reasurring many customers that their money was now safe int he bank.
  2. Federal Secturities Act
    Required corporations to prvoide complete info on all stock offerings and made them liable
  3. Securities and Exchange Commision
    Regulated the stock market. This was to prevent people with inside info about companies from rigging the stock market.
  4. Agricultural Adjustment Act
    rasied crop prices by lowering prooduction. The gov. payed farmers to leave a certain amount f every acre of land unseeeded. Tey also said to plow cotton land by paying farmers $200 million, that also paid hog farmers to kill over 6 million pigs. This helped raise farm prices.
  5. Tennessee Valley Authority
    Renovated 5 excisting dams and built 20new ones, this made many jobs and provided flood control, electiric power, and more benefits to the areas.
  6. Civilian Conservation Corps
    Put many young people to work building roads, develpoing parks, planting trees, and helping soil erosion/floow-control projects. Almost3 million men had jobs due to this. It gave food and uniforms.
  7. National Industrial Recovery Act
    Part of Public Works Administration, it gave moeny to states to create jobs in construction of schools and community buildings. Established codes of fair practice for industires. Was struck down by the Surpreme Court as unconstitutional.
  8. Civil Works Administration
    Provided 4 million immediate jobs during the winter of 1933-1934 it built schools and paid salaries of many teachers. Built over half a million of roads.
  9. National Recovery Administration
    Created by the NIRA, set prices of products and established standards, to promote recovery by interrupting the trend of wage cutes, falling prices, and layoffs.
  10. Home Owners Loan Corporation
    Provided government loans to homeowners who faced foreclosure because they couldn't meet their loan payments.
  11. National Housing Act
    Created the Federal Emergency Relief Administration which gave direct relief to the needy. Half to money was given to the states to help furnish food and clothing to the unemployed, aged and ill.
  12. American Liberty League
    Were against most of the New Deal movements they believed they violated the respect for the rights of individuals and property.
  13. Soil Conservation and Domestic Alottment
    This paid farmers for cutting production of soil depleting crops and rewarded farmers for practicing good soil conservation methods. This brought back many features of the AAA.
  14. Farm Secrutity Administration
    Loaned over 1 billion to help tenant farmers who were ladholdesr and, established camps for migrant workers.
  15. Works Progress Administration
    By Hopkins, to create as many jobs as possible to build airports, reconstructed roads, and putting up buildings. Women were also part of this who sewed.
  16. National Youth Administration
    Was created to provide education, jobs counseling, and recretino for younger people. Gave aid to students to high school, college, and grad students. In exchange the students worked in their schools.
  17. Wagner Act
    Also known as the National Labor Relations Act, this reestablished the NIRA, the gov. protected the rights of workers to join unions and engage in collective bargaining. It prohibited unfair labor practives; threating, firing union workers, and interfereing with unions.
  18. National Labor Ralations Board
    Heard testimonies about unfair practices and hold elections to find out.
  19. Fair Labor Standards Act
    Set maximum hours to 44 per week, and decreased to 40 hrs after 2 years. It set minimum ages at 40, and set rules for under 16 and under, and banned hazardous work for 18 and younger.
  20. Social Securtites Act
    gave insurance, to the ged, unemployment compensation system, and aid to families the had independent kids or disabled.
  21. Indian Reorganization Act of 18934
    Organized by Colier. It helped resotre land to Native Americans; it helped economically, culturally, and 507
  22. Federal Deposit Insurance Coroporation and Securities and Exchange Commision
    Regulated Banking and investment acitivites. Monitored the stock market and and enforced laws regarding the sales of stocks/bonds. The FDIC; said the banks savings were protected against the lost in te event of a bank failure
  23. National Labor Relations Board
    Created by the Wagner Act, acts as a mediator in labor disputes betweens unions and employers.
  24. Parity
    A price intended to keep farmers income steady. This helped to improve conditions in the rural America.
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