World Lit Vocab

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  1. acronym
    a wrod formed from the initial letters of a name or by combinging inital letters or parts of a series of words
  2. affix
    noun. a. a word element tht is attached to a base,stem, or root. b.something tht is attached, joing , or added. verb a. to secure an object to another; attach. b. to place and the end.
  3. coinage
    a.the invetion of a new invented word or phrase c. the process of making coings
  4. colloquial
    a. used in or suitable to sploken language or to writin gtht imitates speech;conversational. b. informal style of expression
  5. malapropism
    the use of a word sounding somewhat like the one inteneded but humorously wrong in the context
  6. onomatopoeia
    the formation or use of a word tht imitates or resembles what it stands for
  7. palindrome
    a word,phrase, or sentence tht reads the smae backward and forward
  8. portmanteua word
    a word formed by merging the sounds and meanings of two different words;blend
  9. simille
    a figure of speech in which two essentially unlike things are compared, often in a phrase using like or as
  10. spoonerism
    an accidental but humorous distortion of words in a phrase formed by interchanging the initial sounds
  11. diligence
    constant and earnest effort ot accopmlish a task; careful attention
  12. fastidious
    a.difficult to satsify or please;exacting b. possessing or displaying careful attention to detail
  13. foresight
    the ability to see what is likely to happen and to prepare for it accordingly; careful though or concern for the future
  14. judicious
    having or exhibiting sound judgement;sensible;wise
  15. meticulous
    a.extremely careful and precise b. excessively concerned with details
  16. minutiae
    minor or trivial details
  17. prudent
    exercising caution, good judgement, or common sense in handling practical metter; giving though to ones actions and their consequences
  18. punctilious
    a.attentive to the finer parts of etiguette and formal conductb. very careful and exact
  19. selective
    a.careful in choosing;particular;discriminatiog b. highly specific in activity
  20. beguile
    a. to decieve;trick b. to amuse;delight c. to passs time pleasantly
  21. civility
    a. politeness; courtesty b. an act or expression of courtesy
  22. decorum
    appropriateness of behavior or conduct;propreity
  23. demeanor
    the way in which one behaves or conduct;propreity
  24. foolhardy
    foolishly bold or daring; rash
  25. glib
    performing or performed with careless, often thoughtless ease b. makerd by quickness or fluency tht suggests insincerity
  26. ignoble
    a. not having a noble character or purpose;dishonorableb. not of the nobility;common
  27. mores
    a. the acceptaed customs and rules of behoavior of a particular socila group, generally regarded by tht group as essential to survival and welfare and often having the force of law b. attitudes about proper behavior;moral convictions
  28. provincial
    a. characteristic of people or things away from teh capital of a country b. limited in range or perspective; narrow; ill-informed;unsophisticated c. of or relating to a province
  29. unseemly
    not in good taste; improper;unbecoming
  30. abject
    a. lacking all self-respect; contemtible b. very miserable; wretched
  31. conjecture
    noun a. the act of forming an opinion from incomplete evidence;guesswork b. a statement or opinion based on guess work. verb. to guess b. to make a conjecture
  32. dejected
    depressed; disheartened
  33. injection
    the act or forcing soething generally a liguid or gase into something else b. something tht is injected
  34. jetty
    a pier or other structure projecting into a body of water; awarf
  35. objectionable
    arousing disapproval;offensive
  36. projectile
    a. an object, such as a bullet or an arrow, tht is thrown fired or otherwise launched through space b. a self propelling missle or rocket
  37. reject
    • to refuse to accept, use, grant, or consider
    • b. to fail to give affection or love to c. to trow out;discard
  38. subjective
    taking place within an individuals mind rather than the external environment; personal
  39. trajectory
    the path made by moving body or particle, especially the flight path of a missle
  40. apprehensive
    anxious or fearful about the future;uneasy
  41. categorical
    • a.withou exception or qualificatio;positive;absolute
    • b.of or in a categorty
  42. conclusive
    serving to put an end to doubt,quesiton, or uncertainty;decisive;convicing
  43. dubious
    • a. doubtful;uncertain
    • b. questionable as to quality or validity
  44. indeterminate
    a. not capable of being determined or decided; not precisely known; indefinite b. lacking clarity or precision; vague
  45. inevitable
    incapable of bein g avoided or prevented
  46. precarious
    dangerously lacking in securtiy or stablilty;unsafe;risky
  47. qualm
    a. sensation of doubt or misgiving uneasiness b. a pang of conscience c. a sudden, brief feeling of sickness, faintness, or nausea
  48. unequivocal
    leaving no doubt or misgiving; uneasiness
  49. vacillate
    to waver indecisevely between one course of action or opinion and another;hesitate
  50. assail
    a. to attack assult. attack verbally
  51. bulwark
    a. a defensive wall;rampart b. any protection or defence
  52. citadel
    a. fortress in or near a city b. any stronghold
  53. fortitude
    strength of mind that allows ones to endure paing or trouble with courage
  54. haven
    a. a place of rest or refuge; sanctuary b. a sheltered harbor or port
  55. invincible
    too strong to be defeated; unconquerable
  56. mettle
    a. spirit; daring; pluck b. a strength of character or purpose equal to a test
  57. resilient
    a. recovering strength or spirits quickly b. sprining back into position or shape
  58. stalwart
    adj. a. physically strong;sturdy;robust b. reslute;firm noun. a. a sturdy, strong willed person b. a loyal supporter
  59. stamina
    endurace;resistance to fatigue, illness, or hardship
  60. accredit
    a. to recognize as having met offical standards. b. to ascribe or attribute to ;credit with c. to authorize
  61. credence
    a. acceptance as true or valid;beleif b. claim to acceptance; trustworthiness
  62. credential
    a. something tht intitles a perosn to confidence,credit or authority b. a letter or toehr written evidence of a person quialification or status; a reference
  63. credibility
    a. the quality of deserving confidenc; plausibility; reliablity b. readiness to believe
  64. creditable
    deserving commendation praiseworthy
  65. credulous
    tending to believe too readily; easily deceived; gulliable
  66. creed
    any statement or system of belief, principles, or opinions that guides a person actions
  67. discredit
    a. to cast doubt on; destroy beleif, faith or trust in b. to damage in reputation;disgrace c to refuse to believe in . noun a. doubt, lack of belief or trust b. loss or damage to ones reputation c. something tht brings disgrace or distrust
  68. incredible
    a. too extraordinary to be possible b. astonishing;amazing
  69. miscreant
    a person who behave badly or ciminall;villain; wicked;base
  70. alacrity
    speed and willingness in acting or responding;cheerful;readiness;eagerness
  71. composure
    control over ones emotion;steadiness of manner;tranguility
  72. ennui
    listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from inactivity or lack of interest;boredom
  73. imperturbable
    not easily distrubed or excited;unshakably calm and collected
  74. impetuous
    tending toward suddenness and boldness of action; impulsive;hasty
  75. incite
    to provoke action;rouse;stir up or urge one
  76. indolent
    a. reluctant to exert oneself;habitually lazy. b. suggesting a calm idleness and ease
  77. inert
    a. having no power to move or act;lifeless b. exhibiting no chemical activity
  78. pandemonium
    a wild uprour or noise. a place of wild disorder and confusion
  79. serenity
    the quality of being untroubled or unreffled;peacefullness
  80. brazen
    rudely bold;insolent. to face or undergo with bold or brash self-assurance
  81. complaisant
    showing a desire or willingness to please; cheerfully obliging;amiable
  82. conspicous
    a. easy to notice; obvious. b. attracting attention by being unusual or remarkable
  83. docile
    easily managed or taught; gentle
  84. flamboyant
    exaggerate in style or manner;showy. highly elaborate. richly colord;vivd
  85. intrepid
    courageous; fearless; bold
  86. pacific
    promoting peace; peaceful; tranquil
  87. reserved
    a. quiet and restrained in manner b. held for a particular person
  88. strident
    having a shrill, harsh ,and grating sound or effect
  89. unabashed
    not embarrassed or ashamed
  90. avert
    a. to turn away b. to prevent from happening
  91. diversity
    a. to give varietyb. to extend into distinct fields.c to spread to activites or investments as a business
  92. diversions
    a. soemthing tht relaxes or entertaines. b. turning aside from a course or directiion c. to act of drawing attention from one thing to another
  93. inadvertent
    accidental; unintentional b. not duly attentative
  94. incontrovertible
    indisputable; unquestionable
  95. invert
    a. to turn inside out or upside down b. to reseve the positio, order, or condition of
  96. irreversible
    incapable of being reversed
  97. revert
    to return to a former conditio=, practice or belief
  98. versatile
    a. capable of doing many things competetnly b. having varied uses or functions
  99. vertigo
    the sensation of dizziness and the feeling that oneself or ones environment is whirling about
  100. flagrant
    extremely or deliberatly noticable;glaring
  101. flaunt
    to show off in order to impress ohter; display boastfully
  102. furtive
    done quicly and with stealth;sly
  103. latent
    present or capable of coming into existence but not eviden,active, or visible
  104. ostensible
    represented or appearing in a certain way, but often not actually so;seeming;professed
  105. salient
    a. standing out and attracting attention; noticeable;prominent b.projecting or jetting beyod a line or surface;protruding up or out
  106. sequester
    to remove or withdraw from public view; seclude;set apart
  107. subterfuge
    a. deception by means of strategy or device b. a deceptive strategy or device
  108. surreptitious
    done or acting in a secre;sneaky
  109. unobtrusive
    a. not readily noticable; inconspicous b. not aggressive;descrete
  110. systematic
    a. having a system method or plan;carried out in a stepy by step procedure b. orderly in arrangin things or gettin gthings done; purposefully regulart
  111. didactic
    a. to teach or instruct b.teaching amoral lesson c. inclined to teac hor moralize too much
  112. edify
    to instruct in order to bring about intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement
  113. elucidate
    a. to make clear or plaing b. to give an explanation tht makes something clear
  114. erudite
    a. possessing dep and extensive learning,especilaly learning gotten from books;learend b. showing or marked by extensive learning or knowledge
  115. explicit
    a. expressed clearly and precisely,withou any possibility of misunderstand b. forthright and unambigous in expressiong
  116. imbue
    a. to pervade or permeate as if with dye or staing b. to dye or stain intensively
  117. indoctrinate
    a. to instruct in the beleifs or principles of a party,sect, or other special group b. to teach a body of doctrine to
  118. instill
    to introduce gradually
  119. pedagogy
    the art or profession of teaching
  120. pedantic
    a. marked by a concern for minute, often unimportatn, and uniteresting details b. making a show or scholarship of book leanring
  121. concurrent
    occuring at the same time;simultaneous
  122. courier
    a messenger, particularly one involved in a diplomatic transaction
  123. cursory
    a. hasty b. no throrough
  124. discursive
    a. rabling;disgressive b. covering a wide range of subjects
  125. incur
    to bring something upone oneself;become subject to
  126. incursion
    a. an attack on or an invasion of enemy territroy; a raid b. an act of entering anothers territory or domaine
  127. precursor
    someone or thing tht precedes somehting else; forerunner
  128. recourse
    a.turning to someone or thing for aid or support b. source of help or strength
  129. succor
    noun help in time odf distress verb to give aid and comfor in time of distress
  130. acrimonious
    bitter and ill natured in language or tone
  131. chastise
    a. to punish for misbehavior or wrong doing b. to criticize severly
  132. derogatory
    detracting from the character or standing of someone or something;expressive of a low opinion; disdainful
  133. disparage
    a. to speak of as unimprtant or inferiour ;belittle b. to lower in rank or reputaion
  134. harass
    a. to bother or torment repeatedly and persistently b. to carry our repeated attacks or raid again
  135. impugn
    a. to criticize or refute by argumentation b. to oppose as false or worthless;cast doubt on
  136. innuendo
    a. roundabout, often spiteful reference to someoneor thing not named; an insunuation b. and indirect suggestion meant to discredit a person
  137. invective
    sharp, harsh , insulting words used to attack; violent denunciatoin or abus
  138. reprove
    a. to socld or correct, usually gently and with kindly intent b. to express disapproval of
  139. vilify
    to utter slanderous and abusive statements against; defame; speak evil of
  140. aegis
    a. sponsorship b. protection
  141. amends
    compesation given as satisfaction for unsult,loss, or injury
  142. conciliatroy
    tending got win over or sooth;attempting to overcome distrust or anger
  143. conducive
    a.tending to cause,promote, or hlep bring about b. helpful;favorable
  144. extricate
    to free or release from an entanglement or difficulty; disengage
  145. foster
    a. promote the development or growth of b. to brin gup;rear c. recievein gor giving parantal car although not related.
  146. importune
    to press iwht repeated and insiten request; beg urgently
  147. mediate
    a. to help the opposing sides in a dispute come to an agreement by hearing thier arguments and proposing a compromise b. to settle by intervening in this way c. to interven between disputing parties to brin gabout an agreement
  148. mitigate
    to make less severe or intense; moderate
  149. rectify
    a. to set righ;remedy b. to corre ty by calculation or adjustment
  150. concede
    a. to acknowleges as tru or real, often unwillingly b. to give; gield; granta. to acknowleges as tru or real, often unwillingly b. to give; gield; grant
  151. deceased
    a. no longer living. b. a dead person
  152. egress
    path or means of going out;an exite
  153. gradation
    a. degree or stage in a serious of gradual changes b. series of such changes; systematic progression
  154. gradient
    a. the degree to which something inclines;slop b. an ascending of descending part; an incline
  155. predecessor
    someone that comes before another in time, especially in an office or position;forerunner
  156. regress
    to go back;return to a previous condition
  157. secession
    the act of withdrawing formally form membership in an organization,association, or union
  158. trangress
    a. to go beyond or over limit or boudnary b. to act in violation of as a law
  159. unprecedented
    not having occured before; without precedent; novel
  160. analogous
    a.similar in certain qualities, circumstance, or uses b. in biology, similar in function but no in origin or structure
  161. antithesis
    a. direct contrast;oppostion b. in speech and writing, the plaement of sharply contrasting ideas in balance or parallel words, phrases, or grammaticla structures
  162. comparable
    a. having like traits, similar; equivalent b. worthy or capable of comparision
  163. deviate
    to differ or move away form a specified course or prescribed bode of behavior, diverge
  164. differentiate
    a. to seve as the distcition between b. to understand, percieve or sho the differences in or between c. to become different, distinct, or specialized d. to make distinction, discriminate
  165. disparity
    a. the condition or fact of being unequal in age,rank or degree;difference b. lack of similarity;unlikeness
  166. heterogeneous
    consisting of dissimilar elements or parts; miscellaneous; varied
  167. homogeneous
    a. consisting of elements of a similar or related nature b. uniform in structure or composition
  168. nuance
    a subtle or slight degree of difference as in meaning color, tone; a delicated shading gradation
  169. tantamount
    equivalent in significance, effect, or value
  170. autonomy
    independence; the quality or condition of being selfgoverning
  171. recurrent
    happening repeatedly;occuring over and over again
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