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  1. AP means
    As purchased price
  2. AS means
    As Served Price
  3. EP means
    Edible Portion
  4. The goal of purchashing is to obtain the lowest possible as purchased?
    Edible portion.
  5. Customer count forecasts and vendor delivery schedules are the only tools for ensuring that an adequate supply of product is available for sale...true or false?
  6. The goal of purchasing is to obtain the lowest possible as purchased price? True or False?
  7. Items should be purchased in large quantities to minimize time spent ordering. True or false
  8. Foodservice buyers complete against each other to obtain the best prices for goods and services? True or false
  9. Foodservice operations are both manufacturers and retailers; therefore, they do not have to purchase a wide array of products and services. True or false
  10. Goals of purchasing function?
    • 1. Maintain adequate supply.
    • 2. Maintain quality standards
    • 3. Minimize investment
    • 4. Maintain an operations competive position
    • 5. Obtain the lowest possible edible portion or as service price.
  11. Which of these is an objective or goal in purchasing?
    Ordering in a way that ensures an adequate supply of products is on hand
  12. Why is it important to minimize an operations investment?
    • To maintain adequate cash reserves
    • to minimize storage costs
    • To ensure continued operation
  13. When comparing prices among vendors buyers must focus on
    EP price
  14. Which of these items is frequently leased rather than purchased outright?
    Warewashing machines
  15. Those charge with purchasing must
    • Possess a wide field of knowledge
    • purchase food of specific quality
    • Avoid purchasing too much product
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