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  1. Equator
    0* latitude
  2. Prime Meridian
    0* longitude, opposite side is the international date line
  3. Latitude
    Fatitude- across
  4. Longitude
    Up & Down
  5. 5 Themes
    • 1. Human - environment interaction
    • 2. Movement
    • 3. Region
    • 4. Location
    • 5. Place
  6. Map distortion
    At the edges of the map
  7. Polytheism
    Belief in many gods
  8. Monotheism
    Belief in one god
  9. Hinduism
    Polytheistic, 3rd largest, holy book- Vedas, ganges
  10. Judaism
    Torah, monotheistic
  11. Islam
    Religion of pakistan, koran, monotheistic
  12. Shintoism
    Japanese main relgion- involves worshiping ancestors
  13. Confuciusism
    A philosophy by a man named confusious in 500 bc China
  14. Western Wall
    Holy wall for the Jews to write notes and pray
  15. Dome of the Rock
    Holy site for Islam, Muhammad rose and got the Koran
  16. What do cities in Asia provide
  17. Separates India from the rest of Asia
    Himilayan Mountains
  18. How most people make a living in south asia
  19. Conflict of Kashmir
    India, Pakistan have developed nuclear wepons to threaten and to deter, gain the territory of Kashmir
  20. Monsoon
    seasonal winds with heavy rains
  21. Population density
    Population/sq. Mi
  22. population growth of china
    5x that of the US
  23. Taiwan vs. China conflict
    comunists vs non-comunists. Taiwan spends 1/4 of budget on defense
  24. Mao Zedong
    founding father of communism
  25. Global Economy
    Countries depend on other countries for goods and services
  26. Al-Queda
    terrorist group
  27. Taliban
    Afghan ruling group until 2001
  28. Al-Jezeera
    Islam news network
  29. Saddam Hussein
    Former leader of Iraq and was hung for killg kurds
  30. Osama Bin Laden
    Dead, responsible for 9/11 and was the leader of Al-Queda
  31. OPEC
    organization of pertroleum exporting countries- set oil prices
  32. Physical geography of Africa
    Plateau, 1000 ft above sea level
  33. Basins of Africa
    5 basins, depressions in the plateau- Congo, Djouf, Chad, Sudan, Kalahari
  34. Conplex River system in Africa
  35. Mt. Kilimanjaro
    highest mountain, volcanoe in Africa 19,000 ft
  36. Mt. Kenya
    Second largest mountain, volcanoe in Africa 17,000 ft
  37. #1 killer of all Africans
  38. Nelson Mandela
    Ended a partheide in south Africa afer 27 years in prison
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