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  1. Insulin lispro and Insulin aspart
    • Rapid acting
    • 10-30 min onset
    • Peaks at 30-60 min
    • Lasts 3-5hrs
  2. Regular insulin
    • Short acting
    • 30-60 min onset
    • Peaks at 1-2 hrs
    • Duration 5-7 hrs
  3. NPH and Insulin lente
    • Intermediate acting
    • Onset in 1-2 hrs
    • Peaks at 6-12 hrs
    • Lasts 18-24 hrs
  4. Insulin ultralente
    • Long acting
    • Onset 4-6 hrs
    • Peak 16-18 hrs
    • Lasts 24-36 hrs
  5. Insulin glargine
    • Long Acting
    • Onset 1-2 hrs
    • No Peak
    • Lasts 24 hrs
  6. Why would use more then one type of insulin
    To maintain a background steady state, and to provide a little extra after a meal while the long lasting insulin is still in the body giving a small steady release
  7. Why is insulin mixed with Zinc or Protamine
    This creates a delayed absorption
  8. What type 2 diabetes drug uses adipose tissue as the primary site of action, but also works on muscle and liver
  9. What diabetes drug activates insulin responsive genes that regulate carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
    • Rosiglitazone
    • "Hits the gene zone in fat"
  10. Rosiglitazone
    • Type 2 diabetes
    • Thiazoladinedinones "Insulin sensitizer"
    • Selective agonist of PPAR gamma (RXR receptors)
    • Activation of insulin-responsive genes
  11. What type 2 diabetes drug has the liver as the primary site of action
    • Metformin (Biguanide)
    • "Big Mets fans have bad livers"
  12. What are the insulin secretagogues
    • Glyburide
    • Exenatide
    • "Ride the Tide, make do with what you've got"
  13. Metformin
    • Biguanide class (anti-hyperglycemic)
    • Activation of AMPPK
    • Decreases hepatic gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis
  14. Glyburide
    • Sulfonylurea class
    • Binds SUR1 K+ channel on beta cells inactivating it
    • similar to what the cell does in the fed state
  15. What diabetes drug slows gastric emptying and decreases appetite
  16. Exenatide
    • Incretin mimic
    • GLP-1 agonist
    • Suppresses Glucagon secretion
    • Administered parenteraly
  17. Acarbose
    • alpha-glucosidase inhibitor
    • Inhibits the breakdown of starch and oligosaccharides to monosachharides by inhibiting alpha-glucosidase
    • "Stops carb breakdown"
  18. What diabetes drug slows absorption of carbohydrates and blunts the rise of glucose following a meal
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