Classic Pastry

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  1. How do you bake sponge cake
    Hot and Fast
  2. How do you whip whip cream
    Cold cream
  3. How do you whip eggs for sponge cake
    Warm whites
  4. three types of gelatin
    • Gelatin
    • pectin
    • agar
  5. what temp does gelatin melt at?
    86 degrees
  6. gelatin sets at what temp?
    68 degrees
  7. What makes up a bavarian?
    • Anglaise
    • gelatin
    • whipping cream

    Gelatin is bloomed and added to the hot anglaise sauce cool to setting point and fold in whipping cream. Pour into molds refridgerate until set unmold.

    Flavors can be added such as chocolate praline fruits and liquors
  8. What is a basic custard?
    • Milk
    • Sugar
    • Eggs

    • Heat Milk with 1/2 sugar mix remainng sugar with eggs
    • temper with hot milk, strain and pour into caramel coated ramekins bake in a water bath until fully set.
    • cool and wrap refridgerate for at least 24 hours before unmolding.
    • A portion caramel melts to create a sugar syrupy sauce ovedr the creme caramel.
  9. How do you use gelatin?
    Hydrate (bloom) it. Then warm or melt it
  10. Difference between Rousse or Royale
    Russe is line with lady fingers and layered with sponge with bavarian cream. While a Charlotte Royal is a line domed mold filled with a fruit bavarian cream
  11. Anglaise is made with
    Pot of milk and with half sugar and salt, cook egg yolks whipped with rest of sugar...temper egg yolks with milk strain the sauce in metal container and chill in water bath stir in vanilla extract and butter.

    Same as pastry cream no cornstarch
  12. Types of Meringues
    • Italian
    • Swiss
    • French (common)
  13. Italian Meringue
    • Heat water and sugar to 243 degrees s(softball) stage
    • Whip whites until soft peaks
    • Add sugar syrup while mixer is running
  14. Swiss Meringue
    Egg whites and Sugar (granulated) heating over a double boiler stir constantly until reaching 140 degrees whip in the mixer until white and fluffy (whisk) heat eggs for volume dissolve sugar pasturize the eggs to kill any bacteria
  15. French (Common)
    Whip until foamy gradually add sugar whip until desired peak.
  16. Meringues are used for?
    • Top pies
    • baked alaska
    • cookies, french macaroons
  17. Types of custard
    Baked/Still -- creme brulee quiche cheesecake creme caramel pumpkin pie bread pudding

    stirred -- pastry cream, lemon curd zabaglione creme anglaise (ice cream)

    Method combine milk/cream and sugar in heavy bottom sauce pan scald.

    Whisk eggs and sugar

    Temper hot liquid to eggs
  18. Baked still custard should be baked how?
    • Set oven to 300-350
    • Boil water
    • strain the custard (fine chinoise)
    • pour in custard
    • Fill boiling water 1/2 way up the sides
    • Bake internel temp 160-165
    • Allow to cool to room temp, then refridgerate at least 2 hours to serve
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