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  1. Psychoanalysis
    • Freud
    • theory of personality development
    • personality developed by age 5
  2. Id
    • basic biological needs
    • "i want"
  3. Ego
    • conscious. fulfill id
    • "I can"
  4. Super Ego
    • ethics and morals
    • "I should"
  5. Neo-freudians
    • people are positive
    • conscious as important as sub-conscious
  6. Carl Jung
    • neofreudian, freuds students
    • personal unconscious, collective unconscious, archetypes
  7. personal unconscious
    like freuds subconscious
  8. collective unconscious
    shared, inherited reservoir of memories traced from out species history
  9. Archetypes
    common themes held by everyone, component of collective unsconscious
  10. Defense mechanisms
    Distorts reality/ subconscious techniques used to protect ones self
  11. 6 defense mechanisms
    • regression
    • repression
    • rationalization
    • reaction formation(replace with opposite feeling)
    • projection
    • displacement
  12. humanistic approach
    humans are positive
  13. self actualization
    psychological need that is met after all physcial and psychological need are met and self-esteem is achieved
  14. abraham maslow
    heirarchy of needs, motivation, fulfilling potential
  15. Carl Rogers
    people are basically good and unconditional positive regard
  16. unconditional positive regard
    an attitude of acceptance even while knowing the faults of that person
  17. Organism
    whole person, unique qualities
  18. Self
    how you percieve yourself
  19. Fully functioning
    when the organism and self become one
  20. Rollo May
    believe people are good and bad
  21. alfred adler
    proposed interiority complex
  22. B.F. Skinner
    • Behaviorism
    • more interested in perdicting and controlling behavior than understanding it
  23. Albert Bandura
    emphasized interactions between people and their situations
  24. reciprocal determinism
    • personality influened by:
    • environment
    • interpreting and reacting to events
    • personalities create situation in which we react
  25. locus of control
    external vs. internal
  26. tyranny of choice
    the abundance of choice make people unhappy and indecisive
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