Research and statistics

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  1. case study
    one person is studied in depht in the hope of revealing universal principles
  2. naturalistic observation
    observing and recording behavior in naturally occuring situations without trying to manipulate it
  3. Survey
    a technique for ascertaining the self-reported attitudes or behaviors of people
  4. wording effects
    subtle influences in the sequence of phrasing of questions
  5. representative sample
    a sample of the whole group you want to study and describe
  6. random sample
    a sample where every person in the entire group has an equal chance of participating
  7. population
    all the cases in a group from which a samle can be drawn for study
  8. false consensus effect
    the tendency to overestimate the extent to which others share our beliefs and behaviors.
  9. experimental condition
    the condition of an experiment that exposes participent to the treatment of independent variable
  10. control condition
    the condition of an experiment that contrasts with the experimental condition
  11. correlation
    a measure of the extent to which two factors cary togehter and how well either factor predicts the other
  12. correlation coefficient r
    the mathematical expression of the correlation relationship ranging from -1 fo +1
  13. illusory correlation
    ther preception of a relationship when none exsists
  14. positive correlation
    when two sets of scores are directly related to each other/ rise or fall together
  15. negative correlation
    when two things relate inversely
  16. standard deviation
    square root(sum of (deviations)squared)/ (# of scores)
  17. statistical significance
    if something is statistically significan, the obtained result did not occur by change
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